Misspelling or intentional?

So I know that names get changed with some of the Chosen of Asura. But I’m not sure that this one is intentional.

Username is: Croms Faithful
Thrall name is: Corms the Faithful.

I vote for Smil O’Furch the Fat.

He is a cook.

On a wild guess I’d say that was intentional.

I’m sure that if I had my handy dandy decoder ring I could decipher that Smil O’Furch the Fat are all the same letters that spell Croms Faithful. Sadly I lost my decoder ring in an imp cave.

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Pretty sure that’s intentional. Wouldn’t make much sense to have an Asura worshiper be named “Croms” Faithful. This has a certain developer’s fingerprints all over it.


No special recipes?

Lemme just say here that the devs have lost a golden opportunity to poke a little harmless fun at this. I mean, they already changed some letters. Imagine @Croms_Faithful face if they had swapped that “m” right there in his cook name by an “n”.



If I correctly recall, the names are supposed to be anagrams or other perturbations in order to maintain anonymity, and to potentially fit better into the game. The only notable exception is @SirBowen, who frankly is badass enough to maintain a regular nick.

I rather like corms. Just the other day I dug up a whole crop of sunflower chokes in the garden. My sheep and I are really enjoying their nutty, earthy, wholesome flavor. :smiley:


I appreciate the nod to the “can haz” dialect of Internet cats.

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