Mistakes in Russian translation

I found some mistakes in Russian translation.

  1. s8.hostingkartinok + com/uploads/images/2019/08/7b6c21c878624417f3ae8b37c1fcf337.jpg
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Untranslated text:
4. s8.hostingkartinok + com/uploads/images/2019/08/61b1fad6cd13a45f955764345d72c127.jpg
5. s8.hostingkartinok + com/uploads/images/2019/08/2577525d0fd273ff138ea9ada74988d5.jpg

Also russian description of mutation “Circuit breaker” is not correct. I understood from description that chance of hit is 25%. I didn’t use this mutation during my first game. But in reality, the chance of hit is reduced by 25%. For example, 75% instead 100%.
If this text is too long to fit on 2 lines, you can use “РОБОТА” (robot) instead “МЕХАНИЧЕСКОГО ВРАГА” (mechanical enemy).

Names of enemies
Marauder translated as Мародер. It would be better to use Мародёр.
Zone dog translated as Пес зоны. It would be better to use Пёс Зоны.
It’s like München / Munchen. Both variants are acceptable but München is more correctly.

I am ready to check full text if you’ll send it to me.


Hello @Troglodit, thank you for your feedback!

We’ll be sure to relay this information to the developers.

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Ok, thanks. I found new mistakes.
Mutation “Circuit breaker”. Brief description says “disable a mechanical enemy for 2 turns”. But the detailed description says “… will be disabled for 1 turn”. This error is present in all language versions, including Russian.

Russian translation:
6. s8.hostingkartinok + com/uploads/images/2019/08/807d89418433c3b6fb6c85e69a8c41e2.jpg
One word used twice. That sounds bad. My offer: delete first word. The phrase will begin with the word Упыри
7. s8.hostingkartinok + com/uploads/images/2019/08/7b6b47ead3dcf94271aad0c3f9d8be52.jpg
8. s8.hostingkartinok + com/uploads/images/2019/08/263f28280608ebea8b7917577a5ba224.jpg

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When do you plan next patch?

No ETA available just yet, we’ll be posting the notes up in the following section as soon as we get them:


Description of weapon. Damage (DMG) translated as УРН. It’s reduction. I see no reason to use the reduction, at least in Russian. This word consists of only 4 letters - УРОН.
Screenshot: s8.hostingkartinok + com/uploads/images/2019/09/f4645880e3d681e2aaa955cda57942a1.jpg

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