Mitra Temple disappears after upgrade with Archipriest inside

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [EU]

After upgrade my Mitra Temple to T2 with my Archipriest Mitra inside, the temple disappears at 2019.06.18-01:28.49 on server 1090 PvE EU. The Mitra Temple is on foundations. I have upgraded Yog Temple with no problem and other religion with no problem. Only Mitra have problem.

Event Log: 2019.06.18-01.28.49 - Sanctuary of Mitra owned by Gunta0 has lost stability

No wall, no torch, just foundation. The temple is really bugged. No problem with other temple.

Please fix this

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Create a Temple of Mitra
  2. Upgrade Temple of Mitra to Priest of Mitra
  3. When it’s done loading the building will disappears. Spot is left empty. No temple.

Thank you for providing such a detailed report even if the issue has been reported numerous times on a daily basis. Funcom are still working on a fix. Meanwhile, refrain from upgrading any altars because it is not only an issue with Mitra as you could see from the 2 other reports on the 1st page :slight_smile:

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I upgraded Set & Yogi with no problem. Same foundation…

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good for you. others were not so lucky.

Hello @Gunta0, thank you for reaching out!

This is in fact a known issue that’s being investigated and we’ll be forwarding the information you’ve shared to the developers, apologies for the inconvenience.

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Ah yes, the Set and Yogi, the twin gods.
image image


I’m testing with Derketo.

Hi Gunta0. I am sorry to hear that your Mitra shrine disappeared while it was upgrading. I have had this happen to me before in the past, and it is a pain. This will not help you get your shrine back, however whenever upgrading an existing shrine in the future I always do, and also recommend the following. It is good practice to always remove your priest, any and all potions and gear, and stand well clear until it has finished, and ensure you do so as soon as you can, so that you do not risk losing large amounts of Zeals. Furthermore, if ever it is place on the ground as opposed to foundations, you may want to clear any trees, boulders, etc in close proximity as a precaution. Good luck and hopefully this will turn out to be a one off.

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Is there any advantage to having any tier priest in the alter/shrine/temple when upgrading? Material or time reduction?

Time reduction similar to others Thrall.

I test again today, it’s upgrade to T2 with success. It looks really random as a bug.
Difference i removed priest.

On Yog & Set i have Priest inside and it’s updated with success. But with Mitra, bug.


Sorry Gunta0 I should have been clearer. For the record, I personally dont think that that Priest is a factor which has a bearing on this bug. The only reason I suggested removing your Priest in the future is so that you dont run the risk of him disappearing with your shrine, and losing both during the process. I usually just put my Priest in a storage container until the process is completed, then put him back on the shrine thereafter. To lose your shrine is bad. But to lose your shrine AND your Priest is worse.

Agree that priest is likely not a factor. I have lost Set, Mitra, and Yog temples when going from T2 to T3, and in all cases there was no priest on the altar. In subsequent attempts, I have had the results repeated, and not repeated (the disappearing). Have not been able to pinpoint any commonality to circumstance on what is causing the disappearance.

Are any of these enclosed?

No, I upgrade the Mitra temple to T3 with success. You don’t need a priest inside and you have to stay close and don’t be disconnected (otherwise it will disappear).

With other tests, there should be no barrier around, no NPC, no torch.

In other words, it’s really buggy.

I updated Derketo to T3 with no problem too. Mitra is the one who is the most buggy

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