Mitra's Blessing (PVE-C)

I’ve decided that the state of official servers is a complete mess, and I’d no longer be a part of it. As such, I’ve started my own server.

Its on my own personal computer, and its a beefy one, so there should never be any reason for there to be problems, and if so, I can easily take care of it manually. The server is brand new (still shows 0 days on the browser) and has only had a few people jump on so far. Id love to have any and everyone that would like to play on a server that will actually be moderated as neutrally as possible so as to give it an official feel (basically i only intend to get involved when it comes to landclaiming obelisks and such). I’ll be playing myself, and I never use admin controls unless absolutely necessary. I’m willing to change any settings to cater to the population. I have a discord set up as well, which when you enter the server it will give you the invite code. Hope to see you guys there.

Mitra’s Blessing
Pve-C (willing to set to PVP)
All rates are set at default except for spoiling food


Been looking for a fresh server to play on. Did you change your mind? Searched it a few times and can’t find it.