Mixing and Matching Armor

I think it would be a good idea to set armor values to a gradient so that you could mix armor types based on various builds and styles.

As it stands, if you have one heavy armor and the rest light armor, your movement is treated as heavy. There should be some sort of scale to allow for a variety of combinations and a bit more variants in builds.

For examples, having light armor with one piece of medium would still be considered light dodge, or light armor with one piece of heavy would move you only into the medium category for dodging and climbing.

Maybe this could be determined by the weight of your total armor instead of the type of armor equipped, or it could just be amount of pieces equipped.


I agree, not sure how it could be done but this restriction limits mixing armors a lot. Its a complicate subject and could be abused for maximum armor value with minimum movement penalty.

But there is also a high tier agility perk that reduces the armor penalty, it allows you to wear a full medium armor and it still considers you in light. Its a great perk.

One heavy armor piece, chest for example, grants roughly the same amount of armor value as a full medium set. To be able to choose between armor categories with so low penalties, to me, sounds abusive. I think the penalties should stay as they are

I think thats a good Idea and i would like to see it happen.
Maby it is possible to go on step ahead and give us the Possibility to change Stats and Optic of Armor like it is possible in TsW. I think this was already declined from Funcom but it would be just awesome. And they already did it once… its their own Idea…


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Understandable perspective, it would need some minor tweaks, or all armor would need lightweight (or maybe flexibility?) mods on it to prevent stacking additional armor plating modifiers ro prevent abusing the system for min maxing, this was purely more to enable more stylistic options than to get more armor without a penalty. I just notice that everyone tends to gravitate toward specific sets and light armor (for the most part) seems to be relatively disregarded for most circumstances. Lots of the light armors look really good but seem to be neglected, being able to mix two of the categories would give a little more freedom of choice aesthetically without sacrificing functionality.

Yes I’m aware of the perk but in this case doesn’t affect the basis for this suggestion. I don’t intend to make it look like “i want to wear more armor without penalties” its more, I’d like to stylize my character because these light armor pieces go well with this helmet and gauntlets, but then the character takes a fairly severe penalty in doing so due to the mechanic being tied completely to the highest armor piece equipped.

That being the case, if you unlock the perk, it still makes it one step down from your highest equipped, so you still take that penalty regardless.