Heavy Armor Master Paring Kit

I propose a new kit, made say by rare T4 Thrall, to allow Heavy Armor to be lowered one class to Medium without losing armor value. The number of equippable downgraded pieces would be 1 at a time. The durability of downgraded pieces should take a good hit.

  • Many people like to wear a heavy helmet with all other gear in Medium or Light.
  • I like to wear the Hyrkanian bluejeans paired with Medium and Light elements. :wink:
  • This would definitely add more spice to PVP.

That, or just make the armor movement based on weight. IF set right, it could allow you to balance build with a combo fo light, heavy, and medium to be just under the no roll limit. You would take a hit to the overall armor, but that is the trade off. I know temp works similiar. mix heat and cool 2/3 and you are basically neutral and at mercy to the enviroment’s natural setting.

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