Mod Order- Im new and I need advice! =)

Hi there! We recently started a new server and we added some mods. However, im not sure I have my mods in the right order. Can you tell me if its needs adjusting? Thanks =)

The Age of Calamitous
The Age of Calamitous: Rp-add-on
Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA)
Hosav’s Custom UI Mod-Revamped!
Thrall war dungeon mod
Immersive armour
Improved Quality od life
Glass constuctions and more
Better thralls
300 level
Less building replacement restrictions
LBPR:Additional feature
LBPR & LBPROE fish and shell trap fix
Stacksize plus
Pickup plus

For LBPR mods refer to the mod page:




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