Dedicated server mod order

Dedicated server has the mods below and listed in order. My question is, is the mod order correct?
Clients can connect but not without restarts which leads me to believe that the mods on the server are in the incorrect order.

  1. Emberlight
  2. Exiled Lands Improved
  3. Immerse RP and Building Decor
  4. Immerse RP Placeables Decor
  5. LitMan Increased Weight
  6. LitMan Item Stack
  7. Less Building Placements Restrictions
  8. Pickup+
  9. Pippi
  10. PRN_NPC Equipment Loot
  11. Savage Steel
  12. Strays Crafts
  13. Fashionist
  14. Swift Elevator
  15. The Age Of Calamitous
  16. Unlock Plus with Pickup
  17. Warrior Mutator
  18. Kerozards Paragon Leveling

No. I put this on the workshop page, but LBPR needs to go after any mod that adds new placeables or buildings. Pickup + also has to be last after LBPR.

You also have a conflict between pickup and unlock plus with pick up. Need to choose one or the other.

You also don’t need 3 and 4. One or the other.

Pippi always goes first.

Can you ink the workshop page please?

Also, the workshop for 3 and 4 doesn’t state anything about a conflict if using both.

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