Modded issue solo game won’t load with mods

Hello. Solo player here. Game will not load with mods in solo or if it does there is a fatal error. Remove mods, verify files and game will run in vanilla form. I have reinstalled the game numerous times but still can’t get it to run with mods. It was working with mods before the last couple updates. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Most likely, one of the mods you have chosen is outdated and will not work. Try loading them in one at a time. You can also check to see when the mod was last updated for the game (it might be easier).


You could also post the list of your mods and maybe one of us can say, “That’s your problem” or help figure out which one it could be.


I had the same problem with a mod, it was crashing my game. Look at the update dates of all your mods and remove the ones that haven’t been updated since 3.0

Every time the core game is updated, mods need to be updated too - and sometimes it can take some time before the modder fixes the mod. The more complex the mod, and the more it adds to the core game, the more likely it is to break when the core game updates.

Even if a mod is updated recently, it may still not work properly. Usually you can find out about it in the comments section on Steam Workshop - people are quick to notify the modder if the mod isn’t working properly.

And unfortunately, some mods are abandoned by their creator and no longer updated, so they’ll only work for as long as nothing in the core game updates conflicts with the mod. Eventually they’ll break and become unusable.

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