Can't play because of the update (August, 13)

Game mode: solo
Type: Freeze

Hi! :slight_smile:

With the last update, my game loading during all the cinematic, and when the main menu appear, I select solo, choose my difficulty, new game, and… mygame don’t load and freeze. In task manager, conansandbox is not responding…

Is anbody have an idea to resolve this probleme?

Thanks and good game!

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Try to verify files on steam, some file from the update might have downloaded corrupt.


It’s already done, and I even reinstall my game, not working :confused:

Sometimes mods can stop the game from working after an update… so if you play with any mods try removing them then see if the game will load.
If this solves the issue then reload each mod and see which one breaks it.
I do not use mods, but I’m guessing you can check from the source if they have updated since the recent patches.
I hope that mods were the problem and you are back playing soon.

As @Kwalya pointed out, as amazing as mods made by our community are, then can cause issues every now and then after new patches. Do you have any installed by chance?

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