[Modded] [PVE-C] AOC, EEWA and Custom Classes! Come give it a try!

Direct connect:
Server Name: Cutthroat’s Funhouse
Server Location: North America, Washington D.C, USA
Server Type: Casual and Relaxed

Upon character creation you get to select a class of your choice. Each class provides unique bonuses, abilities and stat boosts as well as changing how different attributes work. The server currently has 6 classes and there are classes for all types of players of different skill levels!

Base xp rates are doubled but killing NPC’s grants x20 xp. Gather rates are x6.

Max level is 300 and you can prestige up to 7 times. Each prestige gives you access to powerful passive effects.

PVP is enabled everywhere all the time with items kept on death. There are also rewards for killing other players in case anyone wants a bit of friendly competition.

There are also a few shops to make gathering less tedious and provide players with more opportunities to acquire new items. Along with a returning player bonus that passively pays players currency for the duration they are logged off.

The server was intended to be for a group of friends to have fun but they no longer play Conan and its now empty. I decided to keep the server open in case if either I, or someone else wanted to play.