Modding Question: How to make a mod require a DLC?

Per the title, does anyone know if this can be done? (Or how to do it?) I’ve searched in the unreal editor and googled quite a bit and I’m just not seeing it. But I think this option must exist because it is a toggle in the steam workshop.

I really like the pet skins in the new DLC, but I don’t like the masks on the pets. The paint feels right, but the masks feel a bit too high-fantasy for me. I want to create similar thematic skins to supplement, but I would want the DLC to be required, since they would be thematically comparable.

Not sure if this should be here or in players helping players. (since I don’t see a mod specific sub-forum)

Correct. The DLC’s are not present at all in the dev kit. There are SOME things you can do (using the item ID’s) but that’s about it. If you wanted to alter the actual 3D art, it can’t be done.

If you want an area where you can ask questions about all things modding, join us in the modding discord. Linky here

Thanks for the replies.

I don’t intend to use any of the assets from the DLC. (even if they were available, which they are not) The reasons should be obvious.

As for discord. I don’t use it. Hopefully someone who looks here knows how to make a steam recognize a mod as needing a DLC and can point me in the right direction. Otherwise I’ll keep researching and testing or just keep the mod for my personal use.

So you are going to create a DLC asset from scratch? If that’s the case, there is a “requires DLC” checkbox in the itemtables, but I don’t even know if it works (and it’s a checkbox, not a dropdown).

You may have your own reasons for choosing to not use discord, but you will find the most help on discord by far, rather then on the official forums. There’s a good deal of documentation you may find helpful there as well.

So what you’re trying to do is create a mod that actually requires a player to possess a certain DLC? If so, I think that would be a good addition to the options, especially for RP servers.

Thanks I’ll look out for that.

Correct. What I plan to make will not be the same as but very thematic to the existing DLC. To me it feels wrong to not have the DLC be required in this case. For example. The new DLC sabertooth skin (minus the mask) is a slight re-coloration of the sabertooth with a kind of warpaint ‘painted’ on. I plan to create reskins that use the flavor of the warpaint on the animals, but without the masks. Should be an easy mod. - Make sense?

Adding this last bit in case someone else needs to look this up later. It seems that in the item table you can set an item to require a DLC and then another field is a ‘fill in the blank’ for specifying the DLC. I am not clear what the DLC identifier is. It may be the DLC name, a number, or something else. To get around this, I am just going to make the recipe require a DLC item rather than try to test what this space is supposed to contain.

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