When will Funcom enable DLC modding?

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No rational basis has been put forward for editing the DLC databases and/or resources, except a couple users implicating the devs being utterly incompetent in developing DRM despite the systems already being present, and absolutely no response from the devs regarding the matter. So I will repost as there’s been no mention of Scooper’s row editor project either.


For some bizarre reason, one that makes Bethesda look like a benevolent and intelligently run company, Funcom have made it impossible to modify the DLC items. There’s no meritable reason for it; if it’s an issue of people getting access to the DLC without paying, merely make a serverside check that handles that. If it’s an issue of essentially making a crack, that’s readily doable anyway for every Steam game. So why are we not allowed to modify the content we paid for?

According to users on the Discord, Scooper will be releasing a row editor that will facilitate that. But I can’t find any details on it, the status of it’s implementation, nor it’s limitations.

My reason for inquiring, is that I was developing an overhaul that completely removed the leveling mechanics, and removed any semblance of tiered equipment by making it all into three classes; light, medium, and heavy, with the stats entirely dependent on their class rather than tier.

Of course, that requires me to edit every item, recipe, and a moderate number of feats. But without the ability to modify DLC data, I cannot continue working on the overhaul. It’s literally impossible, due to the arbitrary and meaningless restrictions by the developers, to mod the DLC.

So when will we be able to do so, if ever?

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if they enable the modding of dlc items it opens the door for modders to enable the dlc without purchase. this is why they probably keep it locked to not be moddable. even if there is a surver side check if you change minor details on the items you could bypass the check and now have dlc items run as non dlc


The only way is to have a way to detect if you have the in game item purchased for mod to work, so as not to circumvent having to buy the DLC’s for the mod users. But there would be those that tried their damnedest to exploit it.

And at that point, all Funcom needs to do is have a report button on the Steam workshop for each individual mod. Uses DLC resources yet doesn’t require them as a master? Then the mod developer loses their copy of Conan Exiles. Easy.

When they no longer want money from selling DLC. If you enable DLC modding you’ll get mods using the DLC assets giving you the DLC content for free.

Extra work to have someone go through and check that, though. It would only take one “false positive” to turn it into a PR disaster.

Yeah as long as the “uses DLC resources” check was solid, but that’s not a given. Once things are in the DevKit, they’re far less protected from unscrupulous people.

That’s not to say I am against DLC items being moddable, but I do understand why it’s not something you “just do”. Unlike you, who persist in calling anyone who disagrees with you incompetent.

I am against the idea of dlc modding also…
Just nope

This is going too far for my taste. The whole point of your thread is that you want access to the DLCs cos you are developing a complete overhaul of the game and calling it a mod.

Well, I guess you will have to pay a lot more than 10 bucks if you wish to have full access to every asset in the game.

EDIT: https://store.steampowered.com/eula/440900_eula_0?eulaLang=english
(iii) Mods. Create and distribute Mods in accordance with provisions below and the separate EULA for the Conan Exiles version of the Unreal Editor that is available with the editor software.

a) Your Mod must not contain a substantial part of the Game’s copyrightable content or code


We can already access the assets in the base game. Specifically, I need access to the item, feat, and recipe data tables to finish my overhaul of the game’s crafting, levelling, equipment, and NPCs. Without access to them, it’s fundamentally broken and unfinished.

The part about accessing the 3D and 2D resources was an argument put forward by other members of the community, all of which are without substance and have been addressed in this thread and the previous one.

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