Modding server without mods on client side?

I was wondering how far we can go in server settings / modding private server and still be vanilla (accesible without mods)

I know there’s tons of settings to do adjust stuff but it’s still not enough, yet i don’t want force people to install mods - that’s annoying and may decrease amount of new players.

Will it be possible to increase level cap to 70 on server for example?
Will it be possible to disable day-night catching up mechanic for new players?
Will it be possible to start with specific item on respawn? (For example start / spawn with torch and waterskin?)
Is it possible to change monster spawns / increase spawn amount of animals for example?

Im totally noob in mod scene, don’t know how they know actually but as far as i know each modded server requires player to get same mods to join it.

Yes, exactly. In most cases it is not possible to have mods on the server only, the clients need the same assets to ‘know’ what the modded things on the server are about.

But I guess a modder like @Multigun will soon give a better answer than mine :wink:

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So Multigun is some experienced modder? :smiley:

That would be nice to have some answer on the topic. There must be some way to mod server that way atleast to some extent like changing spawns, level cap etc - i doubt client has anything to do with this when it comes to private servers.

There isn’t anything wrong with Modding a server.
The biggest thing that keeps me away is when the admin goes overboard and adds far too many mods.

My advice would be keep the mod list short.
I run only 4 on my server, and all 4 have gone through many game updates without breaking the mod, so no server down time.

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Maybe it’s not, but for now, for server start I want to keep it simple, it’s gonna be hard time to build community and get high number playerbase with many mods and stuff.

I wish it was easy to mod and easy for people to just join. There’s a lot people that don’t want to install mods and stuff, they just wan’t to enter server and play - I also was like that and had many friends on official server that were the same but official servers are big NO right now.

Most of your things cannot be done without a mod. You could, or have someone on the server, create a “server mod” that does all of what you want, limiting your server to 1 mod.

The one and only thing in your list you could do on your own without a mod is disable the day and night catch-up feature. It’s a checkbox in the server settings, last I checked.

And yes, people will need that server mod to join. Can’t be done otherwise.


So all we can do with server is server settings?

That seems weird for me, how client side determines spawn places or starting items for example? I bet it does not, it seems it’s like that only because of how modding works in this game and it’s all gated by Funcom…

What if i would mod it different way, without mod system, just edit it let’s say with hex editor or something like that?

What if I change some values of server outside of modding kit, will it let me run server that way for example?

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