Modified Xan weapons

Most of Xan weapons have an improved version…

Abandonment of the Xan - Kur’Ush Mallet
Gluttony of the Xan - Bhan’Zor Hammer
Angst of the Xan - Gan’Kar Rifle
Lust of the xan - Peh’Wer Pistol - Troa’Ler Pistol

Why dosnt Anger have improved version with fling shot and more base dmg / crit dmg for example? Since hotswap was ̶f̶*̶c̶k̶e̶d̶ fixed Assault Rifle soldiers need some love :wink:

Deceit improved version would be nice aswell

And while we are on it, a FA pistol upgrade for Adventurers should be the first thing.
I know we wont see any of this :stuck_out_tongue:

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While we’re in it x2, let my Advy get his upgraded Hatred of the Xan :grin:

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I’ve been saying this for years, Assault Rifles should have like a 8 sec FA cap to compensate being two handed, 2he and 2hb weapons should do some kind of area damage (like 25% of damage on main target). Tired of FC just spitting on 2 handed weapons…

Well dont think area dmg would be good idea, because it will break mezzs, but 2 hand weapons maybe can do % of dmg like DoT.

8s FA will be so powerfull imo, just give flying shot to assault rifles and bit more dmg, is just ridiculous 1 hand weapon like PDKP does better burst than Anger of Xan… And have no sense best pvm weapon for solds right now is Achaean Conqueror

Unfortunately they simply don’t care on making changes at this point. Legacy of the Xan came out 11 years ago, PoH came out 5 years ago. Doubt they will fix any weapons, do more content or anything whatsoever. It’s a little bit sad.
Saw you online today Forz, came back recently?

Yeah but dreaming is free :stuck_out_tongue:

Well yeah with the pandemic i can play more, im always around on alts. Never leave the game anyway