Modifying chairs—

So you can have thralls sit on them. I can envision an interaction feature on all chairs, thrones, stools, and benches where you can access a menu where one can place a thrall (much like you do with a crafting station) and it would sit on the chair. It would be a good way to use lower level/extra thralls in that new tavern you just built. Anyone else interested in this idea?

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I suggest altering the guest chairs so that the seat is just slightly askew on the left side. That way any guests are forced to squirm in their seats before you no matter the circumstances. :smiling_imp:

Sounds like a 1980s “Evil Executive” powermove.

Are you playing on PC, and single player, or a private server?
Any option that can use mods?

Because until or if Funcom ever introduces more options.
Players who can use mods have this option,

It’s very close to what you’re asking about.

Yes, squirm minion! Squirm as I sandwich harsh criticism of your job performance between two positive but completely empty remarks. Muahahaha!

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I’m on Xbox, so no to mods.

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