Thralls with more placements

I wanna be able to put thralls in chairs. Can make long tables look like they are being used this way…ive seen people make food halls and its sad seeing them so barren. Which also reminds me… The camera angles while sitting can be a pain…make them first person.


Don’t think funcom will ever do this but if you are playing single player there is a mod for this

Play on console, :confused:

Nothing really you can do then unless you buy a pc. Who knows funcom might put in a feature for thralls to walk around and use furniture in the future

What’s the PC mod that allows you to pose / place thralls in specific locations called?

Hasnt been updated for abit so hopefully can boot the maker of the mod back into it lol

I haven’t seen this mod, but I plan to look for it, I do have one that makes them a little more active, you can have them carrying on a conversation or various other things, but they are still stationary.

This one they are still stationary but lets you do abit more with them

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