Mods for Xbox ever?

Please? bring mods to xbox it needs them .

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Not sure about Xbox but in the case of Sony they don’t want mods due to the chance of proprietary information getting out. That’s from a few years ago. @tommot . Welcome to the Forum

Thanks, I knew that about sony. Xbox was different I believe not as closed minded.

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They would probably need some monetary incentive. Plenty of pc mods though if the game ever goes cross platform maybe it could happen.

You’re asking the wrong people. It’s Microsoft’s job to make X-box mod friendly.

Xbox does support mods for some games. But i think those games have to work first.

Yeah so far only games I have seen that allowed mods have been associated with or owned by Xbox. Skyrim, Fallout 76, and Ark2 when released. So to me it seems Microsoft is willing to allow mods if they have at least partial control of the content. So for that to happen Microsoft and Tencent would have to work out a deal. That would be completely out of Funcoms hands. Only thing Funcom can do is give Tencent the message that we Xbox players want mods and make the suggestion to contact microsoft. But I would think Tencent would need some kind of assurance of a return on investment.

So not impossible but very improbable.

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