Monty Python Coconuts! Following Thrall DLC


the bridge dude could replace the end cinematic with some kind of trickery in order to leave the exiles land.



And then you get nabbed by the cops.


Seems like all they need for this effect is a special pair of craftable boots to equip your thrall with.

That plays the coconut sound with every step they take.

And then everyone who has ever posted requesting mounts can use them to pretend they are on a horse.


Ya know. Kitty sized. Like a preschool playhouse!

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Yeh funcom, just put the damn recipe on the next parcour dunjeon already ! ><

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Scout38 I hope you dont mind me posting this link here, but it was your thread which finally gave me the passion to create it. And the community could do with a good laugh about now.

If any here would indeed like see a Monty Python dlc pack happen (or not), then by all means vote on it.


Well there IS precedence… of sorts. The Riddle of Steel was a movie-themed, licenced DLC pack after all. Granted, the source material in that one is perhaps slightly closer, but…

But yeah I’d love it for the ability to tell everyone who speaks of mounts ever again to go farm coconuts instead (without being a troll, that is).


Please say you are all joking about the Monty Python stuff.


Wait Shadoza, you dont like Monty Python?


Not joking, in so far as we know it’ll never actually happen, so just a bit of fun really.


For the Record.

Exactly Mikey. I will go on the record here to say that while I would buy it if it ever came to pass; I know that that it doesnt stand a snowballs chance in hell of ever happening. I have stated in the past, and reiterate that I am not really serious about this (see my above quote). This was my way of revving the community up, and trying to lighten the mood and create distraction with everyone so incensed over the increased incidence of bugs and the removal of Vathis. I thought that while it was subtle, it was transparent enough. However look…I can see that I have confused some users and made them reluctant to participate as a result. :confused: So in light of this, I have gone back and heavily edited the poll to make it blindingly obvious. People…can we all please just relax a bit around here.


You will need a Modder.
He has to import a new galloping animation for the human rig of the Thralls/NPCs
He has to create a coconut mesh which he can use on a handweapon BP
He has to import a new sound for the coconut
The bearer thrall will be the best candidate for this
There you are - its not impossible


Why not add a Brian religion?

Come to think of it, have your character sing “Always look on the bright side of life” in the character creator.


Why yes Dr.Scarabus. and remember that yes…were all individuals.

Just think, we could craft a Gourd.


Look at all the fun I miss while I’m sleeping! Yes, I’d love to see this, too. If I had any sort of artistic talent, I’d build the mod. The thought of the placeables alone make me giddy…


Indeed Weylund. Feel free to suggest some features if you like. I wouldnt mind seeing some swallows added in, preferably some of them carrying coconuts.

Ps- if anyone out there ever does happen to make a mod of this down the line, please do share some pictures. It would be priceless.


You find an ex-leper in Serperumu and when you give him a coin he calls you a bloody do-gooder.


Sure why not. For a job well done, they could have one of the Westwall prisoners say to us “you lucky b*****d”. Which lets face it, compared to the rest of the Exiled Lands we are.

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what does that have to do with conan? they are great comedians of agreement but that they paint in conan? This is a game about conan, besides a DLC. make a mods and point. and I remind you of conan’s world. suggestions about that world by god


Adding a reference item is hardly a divergence though. Coconuts could be used in other ways as well. I’d actually would love a reason to climb the palm trees to the top. I’ve always wanted to experience that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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