POLL=> Create a Monty Python DLC pack?

-DISCLAIMER: YES this is purely for fun-

Hi everyone.

I know in the past many of us here on the forum have professed to being fans of Monty Python, and most of us have enjoyed videos, quotes and other materials. I know myself and many others have often joked about a Monty Python DLC pack. I feel that the community could do with some more light hearted topics right about now. So I have created my first Poll to ‘gauge’ community interest. I was inspired to do so by another members thread. So to all members of the Conan Exiles community I ask you the following:

Would you like to see Funcom create a Monty Python themed DLC pack?

  • YES, please create a Monty Python DLC pack
  • NO, do not create a Monty Python DLC pack

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Ps- also please feel free to share any thoughts, possible pack content inclusions, or just discuss all things Monty Python. To coclude I have but one closing remark…Ni

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A quick shout out to @Scout38 and his suggestion for giving me the motivation to make this.

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