Compliment: None Shall Pass!

Ok so I am aware that this is a late compliment, but I wanted to get it out there before the current battle pass ends. Many members and some Funcom employees are undoubtedly aware that I am a big Monty Python fan. So when I first saw the “None Shall Pass!” Emote I immediately broke out into laughter and a fond smile. Thankyou very much for this addition team, I have already been taunting a number of NPCs with it. :wink: Now I need only ascertain the best Black Knight armor and decide the perfect narrow stream. Again nice touch devs.


I did this recently with Godbreaker on and I’m here for it. :joy:

Hopefully after the update it’ll work consistently.


It’s a very nice emote.
Just such a pity that thralls can’t use it (or any other weapon emote for that matter).


A picture for reference, if you want to try to recreate the Black Knight cosplay in game. (I painted this for the Ropecon miniature painting contest last summer. This is a work-in-progress photo, the final result was set to stand on - what else - a coconut half.)

That’s actually not a trivially easy costume to reproduce. There is a troubling lack of tabard-over-mail armors in the game, considering how common mail armor was in Howard’s books (and was among Conan’s favorites too), even though the helmet could be represented by a Godbreaker helmet - it’s not the exact shape, but the closest we get at the moment.

Oh, and if you do decide to dress for the occasion - try to keep your limbs attached. Biting your opponent’s legs off is not going to be a meta.

(Oh, also bear in mind that the 3-D sculpt is not a 1-to-1 representation of the movie Black Knight. There are some minor differences in the helmet’s detailing and the sleeves, at least, and despite watching the scene many, many times for reference, I couldn’t really tell what the belt looked like in the original. But it’s a “close enough to be recognizeable” version.)


That was my first thoughts too Rust. Especially the chest and helmet.

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It would be dope to get some more options for a 12th-13th century-ish style of armor, which seems to be very common in Conan stories (actually it might be closer to early 14th century, depending on interpretation). Would go well with the Caparisons.

LOL! 40 hours left and GO!

The closest this one can think is Poitain Campaign armour (med).
And that has a gorget rather than mail (whether one wishes to call it a pizaine, standard, or otherwise just part of the under helm coif…

Yeah. Poitain is more plate than mail, which kinda makes sense, because their knights are described wearing shiny plate. That said, maybe the light and medium armors wouldn’t need to be “lighter knights”, but they are what they are.

Variants of mail armor have been used in the real world across two thousand years in most of Europe and Asia, as well as parts of Africa - so basically all of the places that served as inspiration for Howard’s Hyborian Age. So I’d love to see more utilitarian variants of mail armor in the game too, rather than WoW-inspired fruit tree shoulder pads.

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we need weapons standing emotes for thralls…


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