[MoosGamesTV-Server] Upon Release/After Wipe, which Experience Rate would you prefer?

This poll is for the MoosGamesTV Conan Exiles Server only, if you do not plan to play on that server, please do not vote (names are registered).

  • 1x XP
  • 2x XP
  • 4x XP

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Have a nice day everyone! :slight_smile:


Pro’s and con’s with each - Lower multipliers tend to bring in better players imo, but also make it harder for new-comers to be competitive (pvp) Higher multipliers feel too instant, but typically have very busy servers and with monthly wipes.
x2 ad x4 are both great for longevity, but can often struggle maintaining mid to large populations for longer durations.

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Yeah QuasiDoc, I totally agree. My server is password protected anyways, so the XP rate is not needed to drive in players, but just to make my players community happy. :slight_smile:
Seems like we will be going with 1.XX, that should make everyone happy. :slight_smile: