[International/EU] MoosGamesTV Server - Meet the nicest Exiles in Hyboria [Wiped for Release!]

Hello everyone,

a lot of you will know me from my streams and videos and I want to invite everyone to join my Conan Exiles server. Here are the relevant stats for the server:

  • PvP with restricted Raid Times (20:30-23:30 CEST)
  • No Gods
  • Clan Size limited to 6 Players
  • 1.5x XP, 1.4x Harvest (this means you only get 1x loot that is meant to only be 1 (for example Keys, Artifacts, …), 0.1 Friendly Fire Damage (Clan action ftw), 2.5x Fuel Burntime (screw that bark shortage), Short Nights

Banner for MoosGamesTV Server - For PW search Twitch/YouTube

The Server community is very PvE heavy, but PvP happens naturally as the game progresses and Players run out of PvE Objectives. There is a lot of engagement beyond Clans boarders. Since I’m trying to provide entertaining streams I’ve been hooking up with a large number of players on the server to complete PvE objectives like dungeons, bosses, exploration and such. I’ll also build a friendly PvP Arena again, where the community can assemble to engage in PvP Tournaments.

The server language is english and the community is international. The server slot size will be increased whenever necessary, it currently has 25 slots and is paid for in advance, no worries about the server going offline in the next couple of years.

We use Discord for communication, this is the link to our Discord: https://discord.gg/XtAjgrR

To join the server, connect to the Discord and read the server rules, then send me your Steam Profile link and I will send you the server password in return. We use a high security standard, because we want to have an untainted gaming experience.

Have a nice day,

Wiping the server on 8th of May for Release!

Hop into our Discord now, to be part of this awesome community!

Hi Moos, maybe limit the 4x XP to the first week for now, or reduce XP to 2x always ??
Can’t wait for the 8th !!!
CYA then…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, I’ve got a poll going currently to see what the community wants:

So far it’s looking like we will have either 1x or 2x OR maybe just 1,5x for the beginning. That number will be increased after a while to allow new exiles to catch up faster.

I’m also a fan of hardmode, we ain’t no barbies, we are barbarians! :grimacing:

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