Mordlun Does It Work?

The new pike named Mordlun says in the info tab that it gives corruption to the people you hit and protects you from the same effect. However it doesn’t have it listed with it’s stats. My question is does this work?

It does give corruption on hit and thus cannot be poisoned.

But the described second effect that it prevents corruption on you does not work.
Neither ambient corruption nor the on hit corruption is prevented.

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Isnt that cleansing stat/buff just very very weak? Like Lifeblood spear healing is so bad, you dont see much…

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I don’t actually know. I have the Mitra mace thing with cleansing on it but I just power threw being corrupted until I get home and have a dancer take my troubles away.


WIth a thrall and being aware, I was last time >2hours in the Warmaker dungeon and at the end I had maximal 1/5 corruption…

But I run past many skeletons, which I dont need to fight… (just kill the bosses).

In case you didn’t know. The forth survival perk actually makes you immune to weapons that do corruption. Just an fyi. I know there are only a set number of points and people don’t tend to put them that far into survival.

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