More Clothing Options for Base or Future DLC

I have this suggestion for most games I play, as I am heavily driven by vanity and cosmetics. I don’t mean just any clothing, but more specifically more cover-ing-ish type clothes.
I.e. masks, cloaks, more heavy armor types with helmets that fully cover to match; that sort of thing.

Perhaps Funcom is beyond adding clothing options to the game, however, this IS the suggestion tab, so hey, here is my suggestion.


Let’s put “vanity” slots in for those who want the status effects of one armor, but want the appearance of another!

Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions!


I could use few more hoods… Skelos is nice, but its warm rated.

I wish armors had more tool options, like adding warmth or cold protecting to armor via tool.


This game should produce chest gear that literally function as long robes.

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I really wish we had two slots we could use. That way players could mix combinations for appearance and cold/heat resistances; Like when venturing deeper into north we could throw a shoulder fur covering or maybe a hood & scarf for the desert, etc…

But these should not be limited to capes and hoods, the Shemite set is really nice and one of the most different in the game. Its a tunic but there is a vest over it, and a scarf around the neck for final detail! It would be awesome if we could add these to our looks, scarfs, vests, capes, etc…


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