More fluid combat especially mount combat

Personally the horse combat is stiff it doesn’t feel that great nor do the horses both need changing to something similar to mount & blade bannerlord to allow much fluid combat which would add to great fun.

As for the mount combat in general it should be more like ARK in terms of fluidity as said above it’s very stiff.


Scout saddle and some practice and you’ll be good to go.

still sluggish

Lag must be a factor though also however.

Gotta agree with OP
Been complaining about combat for a year now

So I gotta stand behind it.

I don’t think CE combat is horrible but the old system it still uses with the nerf and changes, made it a lot less smooth then it was before. Its time for revamp.

Ark has horrible poke combat, in my opinion one of the very worst. Mounted is a little better but still terrible.


I’m not sure that lag has to be a factor. It’s in SP and DS (with a ping of less than or about 1). All attacks both mounted and free-standing are “sluggish” compared to other games. It has to do with how the animations prohibit any further input until they are finished playing out. It makes the game feel extremely “sluggish” until you learn to assume the game’s own timings. Another game that does this is GTAV. I can and have learned to live with it and time my moves to the game but - IT IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!!!

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And this was done to combat lag advantage and exploitation.


Yes, that’s right. From what I’ve read FC messed it up like that ON PURPOSE! :eyes: :dizzy_face: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

And from I also heard they daily smash their feet with hammers just for the fun of it. See fun of it FUNcom it all makes sense now.

This is probably not what most want to hear, but i like the original combat better, combos are a cool idea… but as of right now its pretty easy to not get hit unless the server intervened

I would almost prefer a mix of the original with situational attacks activated by direction/button combos
EDIT: Not direction combat, like last oasis has

Some weapons are unused by most because of how the combos perform
Maybe just speed them up?

@Usernameextra How about make it so you can change a combo direction and animation by moving mouse to look different ways more and by combinations of attack and keyboard movement directions ? This would keep the combat fresh and unpredictable more.

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Like bannerlord/Last Oasis combat system?

I like it, as it is pvp wise generally only the first two swings get used, unless someone forgets to roll.

But pretty much like this, i detest the swing /block directional games, but some games are less that way but still have ways to trigger different moves/swings
For instance i feel like the sprint/swing on a wayhammer should be a knockback or down

In some games someone gets behind you you use walkback attack to swing backwards

I enjoy… CE horses.

Lowercase letters… “enjoy”
It took abit of time relearn camera sensitivity.(which effect my bow aim…) to make doing 180 on horse better.

I’d like point out Red Dead Online… (never played RDR2) just online… and ■■■■■■■■! Horse work good there… like holy hell.

Could CE horses be better yes, Are they good in CE? YES!

I play on controller. bench mark to cause a turn, could be better. It can be very hit or miss.
Could they be less… muscle bound, like they would bend me over and ride me? yes…
Could stat system and perks be refitted to be less rng on rng… totally.

Really, fix how they turn to be more responsive, Allow stamina to be leveled up. (I get that would suck in pvp) And allow me to choice which horse I get. (aka blue roan or brown etc)

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