Mounted combat is too slow

May i ask what you have done to the mounted combat? Its extremely slow now, like if there was a “cool down” between attacks.
Horses are my favorite thing in the game, and now ride your horse and combat is horrendously bad.
Please, make it back like it was before, because this makes no sense and ruins the gaming experience.

I cant find the post atm, Ignasis has said he’s sent it to the team to investigate the issue. You can still spam heavy shots without the “cooldown” effect or alternate light>heavy>light to get around it at this stage

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So far I have noticed this problem with light attacks using one handed swords. The swing is extremely slow now, just like you said. Heavy attacks however with 1 hand swords still works like before. So thinking a bug instead of a nerf?

I also use spear a lot and it works fine like before.

I never used any other weapons like axe, etc. Anyone have a comment on those weapon types?

Axe is abysmally slow. I wonder if they did this on purpose or if it’s a bug.

For the axe is it both light and heavy attacks that are slow?

No, just the light attack. Heavy is the same as it used to be.

Mounted combat (and mounts in general) shouldnt be in the game.

But it is, and it’s not going away, and you’re not contributing anything to the thread.

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Since I created my Rhino mount, I am unable to use any weapon types other than spears when mounted. I used to use my mace from horseback. Not sure if this is Rhino specific or not, but I tried a variety of weapons while rhino mounted and only the spear is usable.

I cannot imagine why someone would think that the best thing in the game (horses) should not be in the game, but ok…
I just hope the light attacks on horse get an improvement somehow.
The spear only on rhino could be because its much bigger and you need higher reach to attack enemies, maybe? I am just guessing.

Could also be a bug in the nerf and the heavy is supposed to be as slow as the light.

It may be intentional you cannot use anything but a spear on a rhino as it is large, and trying to reach a target with a sword or mace may be not be realistic. Just a thought.

Also mounts should absolutely a part of the game as should mounted combat. I don’t understand where the stance that mounts should not be in the game comes from.

I have noticed the issue with the cooldown. It makes me have to move more to get out of striking distance. I would imagine this was an intentional thing put in to help make mounted combat not as “always do in pvp” that it was?

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Agreed, mounts really added another dimension to the game. I love wading into a group of NPCs, swinging my weapon as I spam “w” and my Rhino gores them…lol. The only downside to the rhino is that my thrall sometimes gets stuck in it while fighting.

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Mounts are staying in game it was the top requested features however it does need balance

Have you tried all the weapons per say on them. I’m on Xbox mind you but can you try to see if there is any damage difference as well like they do with on foot

Of course it’s on purpose. Only left click axe/mace etc is slow because thats what applies the bleed/sunder etc. Right click is fast but applies no debuff (except spear for god knows what reason)

Should be the other way around. Light click (light attack) = quick and less damage. Right click (heavy attack) = slow but more damage and debuffs

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