More incentive for switching weapons during combat (ULTRAKILL Style) / Leaderboard Score Balancing


After having completed the entire game on Beast difficulty, I can safely say that the experience is amazing and worth my time. I’ve also taken some time to grind for some High Scores, even during the demo. I’ve also seen that, since the Demo, some rebalancing has occured, specifically with the “Paz-strat”, where keeping the highest rhythm streak used to net you the most points.

Since this has been changed, the new Meta now asks of you to play with the Hounds to set up Double Slaughters in order to make the most points. While this is impressive in itself, I want to introduce a possible way to introduce more variety into the Global Leaderboards as to create more incentive to newer players to hunt for High Scores: Weapon Freshness, as seen in another FPS called ULTRAKILL.

In ULTRAKILL, the player is incentivised to use the entire variety of weapons in their arsenal with Score Multipliers that get applied every time you switch to a weapon you have not used immediately before. Since the game is built around this mechanic however, a lot more benefits are added to this: A higher “Style Meter” gain, increasing the speed of healing, as well as multiple weapons syngergizing with eachother to deal devastating blows. A quote from the Wiki about the Score Multipliers:

“Weapon freshness has 4 states for determining the current weapon’s style point multiplier: Fresh (1.5x), Used (1x), Stale (0.5x) and Dull (0x) .”

The Weapon Freshness would decrease overtime when using the same weapon for longer periods of time, making it so that players are forced to use their arsenal more tactically in order to achieve high scores.

A softer version of this feature could be introduced into Metal: Hellsinger, perhaps as a Combo similar to other such Combos such as Double Slaughter. An incentive to switch weapons often already does exist in the game afterall, with the Ghost Bullets Sigil.

Thank you for reading, and much love. :slightly_smiling_face:

Greetings Hellsinger and welcome to our forum.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We passed this information over to the rest of the team. :metal:

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