More of a tip for the dev team

so when you og trough the jungel to Reach torage you get the key for the gate when you kill saddur
it may be a easy way to do it to keep you moving however personally i thought that having the key in the chest was better way a player going in to the pict village to get it is really good as a ranger you get Your first bow there if you can use two handed veapons you get yourself a massive sword there as well as tons of xp also it mades no sense if saddur already has the key why is he still there he clearly still looks like he tried taking on the boss and failed

Yes, there should be also an option to skip this part from the character creation and start at the jungle gate in tortage. ofc, that’s for players who already did this.

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But if you skipped the first part you’d lose the xp that got you 4 or even 5 levels. While it doesn’t take long to get to that first gate, it provides a lot of xp, how to play the game training and loot.

Personally I usually run the whole beach to 2nd gate area twice, before going into the Tortage area for max loot and leveling to 6 - 6 1/2 for a leg up before diving into the main play.

From what you’re told on the beach ‘hurry the slave master is just ahead of you’, you’re hard on his heels and have caught up to him before he can get through the gate. His beat up state could be from the ship wreck, fighting through the same MOB’s you did etc…

Just like other quests where you’re told to hurry because X. The game (and you) ignore’s the fact you’ve taken a round about way there, logged off for the night or just went for a sandwich.

fair point did not think of that.still why would you not enter the pict village, there is alot of good stuff there.
as a ranger you will have some bow skills before you Reach the city. taking out the pict boss will give you a basic bow. to try out some of those skills.

You should always go to the Pict Village and through it back into the Demon area for both the XP & loot so you’re correct there.

I can see where getting the key at the gate might make you miss going down that side path (I know I missed it in my early days when I was in a hurry to get to Tortage). So finding a way to ensure players know (not have to) the village is down there would be useful.

There used to be a very useful pre-Tortage guide that showed where the hidden chests were (like the one in the water behind you when you first wake on the beach) so players would know all the places to hit before going through the final gate.

I go through the Pict Village on all my toons regardless of class ever since I found out about it and open all the chests I know of as well. I just find it more fun that way because the village is ‘different’. I didn’t think of it as for XP and such.