Please put the key back,if you know you know

so obviously i’m talking about the start of the game, as you make you way through the jungle, and you fight the slaver at the end. currently the boss will drop the key to the gate, so you can progress. now there are several reasons imo why that is not a good way, vs the old way. firstly lore, if he already has the key then why is he still there. the whole point is that you’re chasing him to get to the city before him. secondly he still has the dialogue that he fought some creature for the key and failed so (see first point), thirdly is more on the progression of the player. the pict village has a ton of mobs, so it’s a good source for xp. and if you happen to play as say a ranger, you will get your first bow there. and you can also find a two hander as well as a dagger potentially. please and thank you.


Especially since Sadur tells you that the creature has the key…
Also for the end quest to kill the Grey Grim God put back having to actually find the way to him through Onyx Chambers.
Better yet reverse all the things you did to water the game down and make it ez mode.