Saddur's Key? Anyone?

This may have been answered before, but when you kill Saddur, you loot a key off his corpse for the gate.

Some of you older players may remember having to go to the ruins and acquiring it there from.

So, I was curious…

If I delete the key found on Saddur, will another one spawn in the ruins?

Kinda curious.

Thanks in advance!

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I believe it does

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I am not sure why they ever changed it. I used to enjoy getting the key from the ruins. Oh, well, maybe I accidently deleted the email from FC from that time when they asked my opinion.

I never tried to delete it. However, you can still go to the ruins, kill everything and pretend that FC never screwed it up. :wink:


I believe if you do just that you will have to re-start character (don’t think Saddur ever respawns and ruins chest is now empty).

When you do not take the key from the loot box, it is transferrred to the ruins behind the pictish camp, where you can take it up after reset of the ini.

BTW: You cannot delete the key when it is in your quest inventory.