Found a Non-functioning Ancient Key

Yesterday I happened to be going by a players base as it was in the final stage of decaying. All of their thralls were still present and a bunch of loot bags were on the ground where the base has previously been. I checked the bags and found a legendary chest Ancient Key.

Today I went to Sepermeru to use the key on the Rhino Boss’ chest. For some odd reason the game kept telling me that I needed a key to open the chest.

Here are 2 screenshots showing the message that I needed a key and my inventory where you can clearly see that I indeed have a key. I have not tried the key out on any of the other legendary chests in the Exiled Lands.

I suppose that this could be the key one needs to get to the Kinscourge in the Black Keep. I will have to check later. If it is the Black Keep key… my apologies. Sorry.

Yes, the keys to the legendary chests are called “Skeleton Keys,” the door in the Black Keep requires the “Ancient Key.” :wink:

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Bruh it’s the wrong key lol

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LOL. No glitch or bug then. My bad totally and completely. ROFLMA

Now you can run naked to the King Scourge room, get the armor, let yourself die and wake up in your bed with the knowledge. :laughing:


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