More thrall bugs time to close raid times

So reading around the treasure seeker bug and now a no damage bug where thralls are not doing any damage and of course the favorite the dummy thrall just stands there while you die. Everyone is saying december for the next patch they have bundled together hope not but if it is, is there a way to lock out pvp close raid times something what if all our thralls freeze in place cause we all damn well know people are getting hit because of this and losing everything.

I don’t play on the console, but I agree with topic because it seems right. Bugged thralls definitely leads to abuse and destroys gameplay.

By disabling some options on official servers, players would be calmer and game developers would be able to fix bugs without haste.

Yes it’s called PvE.:grin:
It’s 2 weeks later, everyone who plays regularly should have already adapted. If not, they probably never will.

I would actually be furious if they disabled PvP. Everyone is at the same disadvantage. It makes absolutely no sense to disable it now.

I think the topic is more about turning off the possibility of attack buildings. This will focus players on the fight with each other in PvP instead of raiding bases. But I can be wrong :ghost:.

You are absolutely right with that :+1:.

I suppose that the topic must expand before anything happens.

Next PS4 patch will be the hotfix that is on PC testlive, along with the Treasure Hunter fix.

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Just the thought of it sends a shiver down my spine!

No hell no solo versus 5 plus person clan with no thrall defense because they were not high enough level to enter the volcano or crappy luck on t4s spawning around or just got all TS thralls that are now frozen and turn off raid times is just that turn it off period people are losing 100s of hours for a problem not generate by the paying customer this does not effect me at all I’m on a official pvp but we all friendly the bad apples dont last very long at all. I’m thinking of everyone else and a little for myself if everyone leaves well I guess then I’ll rule it all hahahahhahahaaaa. No but you guys get the point, people won’t stick around. I mean myself march 3rd is just around the corner I’ve been waiting 2 + decades for this game. #FF7

Is exactly what happened to me the day of the RH bug. Those two clans regret that day now. :joy:

Any low level player who had RH have already been wiped. It’s been 2 weeks.

Any serious players with 100s of hours should have already adapted.

Everyone else has other options available.

I would instantly abandon both the PvP servers I have played on for years, why on earth would I keep playing?

Here’s a simple life lesson; never store all your eggs in one basket.

P.s.That FF7 remake does look good though, that’s for sure!

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