Mounting Trophy Heads

Collecting new heads on Siptah Bison tuskbeast and others. Can not do anything with them in artisan benches. Have learned all feats for other mounts is there something else I need. Thanks in advance.

There is a feat called “Island Hunter” that unlocks the mounted Siptah beast heads. I can tell you it’s location if you would like?

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Yes that would be great. Thanks again.

No worries, it’s at the top left of O-10, kind of on the line between O and N. You should find a small camp with a few cages. Happy hunting!

The interactive map is a great source for recipes. It doesn’t have all the info in it however, so exiles should be mindful of that.

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Found it last night. Just inside N and 10 screen shots above. @Ulyssi

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