Mounts and their horrible visiuals

Since mounts are not coming until December Funcom, can you please please work on those horrible horse models? Two more months and all we are getting is horses as mounts, at the very least don’t make them look like WoW cartoon horses with giant legs and twenty feet tall.

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These horses have such fat legs!


You’re right, horses do not all look like stallions we see in racetracks and western movies! Moreover, muscle prominence is common in the visual world of Conan!


There could be a whole customization screen for size and body type, followed by a cutscene:

“Shall I cut you down from that corpse tree, dead horse?”


This is a Belgian Draft :

CE future horses look pretty much like that to me. Nothing to see, move along.

@Arnie2000 : Cob Gypsy ?


This censorship is too cute @Zeb lol

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I felt the same at first. But then i realized that horse species have many sizes and shapes variations.

Another case of “seriously, that’s what you’re concerned about?” LOL. Sad. They look like powerful horses to me. They’re not track horses. Come on. Just be glad they’re even adding them.


Exile Cat knows many a fat horse.

I think horses looks that way because we will find them at the north and cold area of the map, so they need to have some fur

But the devs can be hidind the other models, and they can be even some kind of cosmetic DLC

That is what i think

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Thank you for posting this! I thought the horses could use a lot of work as well. I heard a few say that they look great and I was actually shocked. Their legs are huge and clunky looking.

Bruh just buy dlc and get other mount

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