The horses are too big

Dear developers. I am very excited about the appearance of horses in one of my favorite games, but can’t help but notice that the horse models are too big relative to the human. As well as the neck and the horse’s head is disproportionately large relative to the whole body.
Perhaps this is due to the limitations of the game engine, but can you look again at your models critically?
p.s. Even if you look logically, the horse’s head closes the rider’s view of the road. :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I am not yet allowed to post pictures of the proportions of real horses and people, to illustrate my point. :frowning:

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The in game horses all seem to be well over 18 hands high. Basically as big as a large Clydesdale.

This means they are as big as very large warhorses specifically bread for medieval knights. Modern riding horses are mostly smaller.

My issue, however, is the proportions of the model, the horses legs are distractingly massive and unproportional.


That’s my main complaint too, these things look like meat tanks. What makes it even weirder is the ghost horse model that’s already in the game looks just fine, was there some reason they couldn’t just base it on that or something?

I am firmly in favor of Huge Horses™. Have you seen a horse in person? Those things are bloody gigantic. I’d crap my pants if some crazy person came charging at me on a mountain of meat like that.

Disclaimer: Only skimmed the stream. I reserve the right to change my mind, heh.

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Not really. Warhorses were used only for battle and mounted just before it started. And as soon as knights came in middle-east with the 1st crusade, they started to breed with Arabian horses for speed and Persian horses for stamina.
Most, if not all, draft horses breed were created after middle-age.

I am confused how this post disagrees with me.

Gracie’s reaction to the horse models. She’s a Morgan.


The horses used by medieval knights were actually smaller than modern-day workhorses. An armored knight was able to leap onto the saddle, for example. That’s why modern-day jousting tournament shows etc. don’t usually end with a rider falling from the saddle (at least not around here, Finland tends to have pretty strict safety regulations) - falling off a modern horse would be a lot more dangerous than falling off a medieval warhorse.

I rode horses for many years, of all sorts, and I’ve never seen as horse that disproportionate. Meat tanks is definitely the right description lol. Even if they are based on Clydesdales, they would never have been used for the kind of riding this game demands. Arabians would have been much better.

I am sorry to link my post here, but Jens clarified the situation here.

Hope that helps guys, it sure made me feel better :rofl:



Head is not only big thing that they have (lennyface)

I find the demo of the horses in Conan Exile to be perfect. They look like a strong breed. They fix the Conan lore.

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