Rider and horse models

I know it is little too late to complain :smile: but have FUNCOM modelers ever seen a rider on a horse?

and this is what horse looks like ingame

Notice any difference? That’s right - even beefiest and strongest war horses don’t hold their heads THIS high up. They are not giraffes, they graze on grass, not trees or bushes. Rider’s head will be above the horse head level like 99% of the time. In CE rider barely can see anything before him, because his vision is obstructed by horse neck :smirk:

I mean, yeah, it’s Conan Exiles, may be it’s magic and stuff, may be it’s the idea to make horse model more compact and take less space, but still - CE “horses” look more like some llama and horse hybrid :crazy_face:

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Funcom: You cannot use 2 handers, because you have to hold on the horse.
Also Funcom: Equips torch and no hand holds the saddle or anything.


Rofl Yeah I also find that really stupid :rofl:, But I guess the horse and player riding horse models will be adjusted as they go, atleast I hope so.

It’s a common misconception, widely held. We stay glued onto the horse by leg pressure, directing her actions with verbal commands, air-kisses, whispers and calf/thigh presses. Because there are no seat belts, reins are a safety measure only: any rein-reliant rider will ultimately be tossed, and his horse will rarely return. We seek softness, a connection with the creature, not insulation. My favorite butt-buckler is a stripped-down McClellan cavalry saddle from 1904, where the stirrups are almost an afterthought…

Speaking of stirrups, there should be a stirrup category or feat in addition to the saddlery feat. If we are actually saying the saddle is important, we must also put likewise emphasis on the foot pedals, especially when mounted combat is often reliant on them.

And finally, although I do not come from Plains Peoples who made the Equine Rebirth into a hybrid martial art, I have had much occasion to ride bare-back with no reins. :racehorse: In my opinion, it would be supremely easy to ride like this, just gripping with your legs, and wield a light bow, a mace or a war cudgel.


I believe what they meant was try swinging one of those large 2H weapons while still balancing with just your legs. Big difference in riding with a torch out, and swinging with purpose with just legs to balance.

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to the OP, being as the horses in each are from two different time periods, it is possible that their will be differences in species. But understood, details can be noticeable to the trained eye.

I’m more upset they didn’t put javelins in the list

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Javeilins would be awesome. Since it is the “strong” hand, it would make sense to be able to throw one. Actually being able to use any of the throwing weapons would be fun.

They did say at a later time they would expand it if it seemed people were actually using horses in combat. This is the framework part of it, and wanted a solid base before throwing the kitchen sink at it. Possibly, they could update it later where if you use dual weapons, you lost the sprint function of the horse. IE, no hands mean slower speed while on horseback.


What about the 2 dual wielding weapons? Tornado blades and Havoc & Malice?

Lying bastard sword?

There are lot of things they wanted to do with this per the stream but due to budgets and deadlines, they chose to release what they consider a framework to build off of if necessary. which means 2h combat, different mounts, and the like could come to fruition if mounts become the calling card of combat. Smart, as what we are getting is already a step up in my opinion in combat mechanics, and will have a learning curve to it. Maybe down the road we will get all weapons and the like. who knows.


I didn’t want to complain already, because I know for most players it won’t matter :wink:

Being a rider I can confirm that the horse models are a bit strange to understate things. First of all they are really big, like oversized. Then the model itself is a questionable choice. Even when horses are extremely alert they don’t hold their heads up that high. The necks are also really off. You can compare it to the very broad neck of the haflinger shown above. Even the most massive drafthorse breeds don’t have that many muscles on the front side of the neck. But then again I even felt that the witcher 3 has bad horse models.

I am glad we get mounts but I hope we might maybe get back to the old AoC horse models (the ones you see on ghosts in the game sometimes).

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You can really not wield a 2-handed weapon from a horseback. The reason however is not that you have to hold the horse (that’s obviously not an issue with archery in rl life. The well trained horse will keep on running and will react to the riders thighs :wink: )
But how will you swing anything with the horses back between your legs?! Also you would need a very stiff saddle with big stirrups to get the stability needed to swing a weighty weapon.


Well, you can. You just do it with only one hand. Gravity and the mount’s momentum will do some of the work for you to get enough oomph into the blow, and as you’re meant to carry on and not stay there trading blows with your opponent, recovering from your blow doesn’t need to be as fast as when fighting on foot.

But I understand your point, and agree with it. Fighting on horseback is a very different activity than fighting on foot. The horsie takes a lot of space around you, and changing your own point of balance is a lot trickier. You don’t need any hands to drive the animal, but you do need more of your body than just two hands to swing a greataxe or longsword.

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In the US, our mounted Divisions drill with a combat pack on the rider, and no bayonet. Using an M16 or M14 as a mounted club gives a new meaning to stone-age warfare. One of the strikes they are taught is achieving a canter and holding the rifle above the sights (backward) and using the butt of the rifle as a lance. Quite a bad blow on the melon, plus trample damage is inevitable.

I think I’d go with a heavier Western saddle and block stirrups for easy standing, then hold a two-handed mace across the saddle and gallop past an enemy. Splat.


Yeah but thats still rly complicated and probably not the mounted combat you want for a convenient game mechanics. I like their solution to make the player fight like a polo player or a knight.

When it comes to methods of death and destruction humanity has a perverse genius for finding ways of dealing out mayhem whether on foot or on horse. You should never doubt that most weapons have at one time or another been used from horseback.

A good example from around two thousand years ago were the Kataphractoi or Clibanarii whose main weapon was the Kontos, a two handed four metre long pike-like polearm used in both hands. Remember that the saddlery of the period didn’t include stirrups, making it all the more an impressive feat.

In the image below, taken from the Medieval Maciejowski bible you can clearly see a mounted knight striking with a two handed glaive.

Also in the Far East two handed cavalry weapons, such as the Moon Sword were quite popular.

As regards the horse model, I couldn’t agree more. I really can’t imagine trying to ride such a behemoth, you’d have to lean sideways just to be able to see where you were going! :wink:

  1. About historic accuracy: lol! The only way to put it, Conan is Fantasy!
  2. The horse looks like a monstrous lama.
  3. I like the movements a lot. Nice horse-drifting!
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I am no gun expert or marksman, but wouldn’t just shooting them from a far be a better use of these :slight_smile:

It does look like lama indeed. I couldnt figure out what the model reminds me of until you said it. I for one am not hyped at all for this update. Mounts are meh and the dodge roll looks horrid.

I think @WhatMightHaveBeen was ribbin’ me. At the moment I couldn’t think of any modern heavy-ish analog other than a combat rifle, that uses a butt-stroke. I’m sure that’ll tickle his fancy as well.

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