Rider and horse models

True thoughts that you have here, however, on horseback, you’d wield your two handed weapon with one hand, it’s not that difficult. A longsword for exemple isn’t that “weighty”(around 1.5 KG /2.2 Pounds), even a big greatsword isn’t going over 5 KG /11 Pounds. But we can’t put those real weapons as a comparison to Conan’s ones for obvious reasons :wink:

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Haha even this guy isn’t holding his had as high as the CE horses. Also this breed (or he is a mix maybe) is infamous for spine and shoulder problems.

What breed is it ?

That appears to be a percheron depicted in the image. Considering there’s a non-uniform shadow behind the left-most human, this might not be an unedited photo.

ETA: the original satirical image from which the percheron is mashed up.


This is the orginal i believe…some where in Oslo.


This, so much. When I learned to ride they also made sure that I didn’t rely on reins to guide the horse once I had got over my early nerves. I only rode bare back once, but I had friends that played polo that way and they could certainly manage a serious swing :slight_smile:

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Lately, the proposed horse model does somewhat resemble steampunk muscle car stylings: Lifted front suspension, thick, 22" matte wheels / lowered rear axle with aggressive tractor tyres and rims. :leet:

When I was straight out of college I had a polo-expert girlfriend who taught me to ride English. And the lithe beauty of high-falutin equine stock.

Later, I learned how to ride Western, almost 20 years ago, on our ranchito here. My then-wife-to-be’s very stately Morgan mare Scimitar had the honors. The very first day off-property, Scimitar was full of alfalfa, and as we rode pleasantly up the country road toward desert BLM land, she outgassed enough that her waist cinch made the saddle slide everywhere. Being a polite greenhorn and fiancé, I gripped on with my legs with all my might. My thighs were in an arch for about three days.


Are the horse models made with the help of these ones? http://www.equineresindirectory.com/showresin.asp?resinid=4260

what happened to the horse joel showed us in his presentation back in 2017?

As long as they have the jiggle in the right places with every hoofbeat, I’ll be happy…

Is a game ffs, dont be over critical! We got mounts much more important than how the damm horse looks :wink:

The aesthetics are just as important as the gameplay for some folks, It does indeed play a part, I mean would you be happy if they literally imported the Horse skin for minecraft into the game? that pixelated rectangle that they call a horse in minecraft at least… If you wouldnt have been too happy with that then that shows that aesthetics play a role. It may be a game but some may argue that is even more reason to get the aesthetics/graphics right and to the communities tastes.

… aesthetics are some what important, in terms of not bringing a pixelated model in a game where it dont belong ! But the horses blend in quite fine with the game they dont need to be perfect or look real!

So being over critical is just nonsense! You know people wanted mounts they gave us mounts and now people complain that they dont look realistic! So I say well it’s a game not meant to look real !

If i let you ride a rhino, giant spider, dragon or frost giant would you say that is realistic? If you want realism there are horses in real life go ride one is what I say !

I’m not one of those complaining about the horse model, But I do understand where those who are are coming from, doesnt bother me either way. I think that it’s not as much about the realism as it is about the model looking pleasing, at the moment I will agree with them that there is something kind of off looking about the horses, hard to put your finger on at first but definitely something about them just doesnt look quite right. For me I don’t mind but I can understand where others are coming from, I was just trying to help you understand where they are coming from as well :wink:

They dont look quite right because is the first introduction, walk before you run. In my eyes this guys have work very hard to give us that ,they deserve alot of credit! You know they said it was not gonna be possible, but they kept working on it and made it possible so kudos to that!

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I certainly agree with that. They deserve credit but heck when it comes to online communities one must understand this is how consumers are, I mean a big chunk of people arent even happy with mounts at all and are still complaining about the thrall cap, so you kinda gotta expect that people will start giving their criticisms right away, thats just the nature of the industry I’m afraid.

So yes it is a noble effort man but unfortunately it is one taken in vain you will never get people to complain less. At least it gives the devs good input for how to tweak and further develop things. I’m pretty sure they have developed pretty thick skin when it comes to this stuff ;).

If you dont do anything for fear of complaints, you will do nothing.

Gimme horsey now.

Uh, what’s wrong with offering feedback? It’s not like Funcom’s gonna go “Oh, shit, quick! Drop everything and make sure the models look perfect. Nobody fixes a bug or even goes home until we get things just right!” :wink:

I mean, I thought horses looked weird, but I don’t care enough about it. Doesn’t mean other people can’t express their opinions :slight_smile:


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