Mounts. The problem, the solution and the dream...(voting poll) O_o

I am not a fan of the mounts. Tried it on the test server and the controls for it just made it feel like I was playing mechwarrior 3…

Did you try different saddles? I think the aqualonian one steers much easier compared to the pictish bone one.

Tried all and i felt like i was driving a 1990s mech then a horse

I’m torn between mounts being a passive mount and being a follower. Being passive and only used for transportation is a great element for pve / RP but i think it would add certain imbalances to pvp and conan having varying communities between the different play styles i feel its too community conflictive for funcom to even consider. I personally would like the mounts to be passive as i play solo pve mostly, but looking at the big picture i’m going to have to say its better the way it is now.
Maybe further down the line mounts will be reworked in a balanced way to be unique tame compared to thralls and pets.

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It would be nice to have a horse and a thrall…and if you can pick up a thrall with your mount…that would be a dream indeed, come on…horses are big enough to transport 2 guys (2 player or 1 player and 1 NPC) :grin:

For the record, I changed my vote. I’ve been riding a lot during the weekend, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there is nothing useful about the mount being a follower. I like using it for the sheer fun of mounted combat and for getting between certain points faster than usual, but I’m convinced there’s never going to be a situation in which I would want to use it to fight something, instead of a pet or a thrall.

Having said that, I still think it would have to count towards the follower cap, for reasons I outlined elsewhere.

Finally, I still think this is a moot point. The technical difficulties and the possible imbalance make this so risky, that I don’t think Funcom will do it. Heck, I don’t think they should do it, given all the bugfixes and tweaks they have to work on.


I think the horse should be counted in the game ONLY as a locomotion and not as a follower, it is very frustrating when using the horse you can not take a warrior with you, especially now that you want to level your warriors, does not seem to me a GOOD CHOOSE to go out with the horse and leave a warrior who could be leveling and fighting with you.

They need to make 3 URGENT changes to the horse for it to be valid and relevant in the long run as the new effect will end in days!

1 - The horse is a means of locomotion and not a warrior, making you choose to go out with your horse or your warrior that you want to level is VERY CRUEL and always makes us absolutely always choose to take the warrior when you climb the horse to instead of your follower no longer following you and the horse becomes the wrong follower, your warrior follower should continue to follow you and appear “on the back” of your horse, climbed on the horse, your warrior disappears and “appears” on your back, just as he “teleports” over the map behind you, has come down from the bald, he appears beside you on the floor, and the horse is not following you, it is absurdly annoying the horse following you, is so annoying as the camel was, and he dies all the time, the horse should stand where you left it and not be a “follower” at any time.

2 - OBVIOUSLY change the movement of the horse, the right would be to guide the horse just as we guide the NPC, the funcom unfortunately ended up making a big “mess” in the horse movement commands making it difficult, laborious and sometimes even tiring and that makes it “dizzy” just so you can shoot the horse with the bow, no one dreamed of shooting the horse with the bow, we all dreamed of RIDING HORSES! run around the map riding and looking at the scenery without worrying about pushing 4 buttons at once and turning the mouser and hitting and hooking on every obstacle that comes your way.

3 - Being able to drag an unconscious slave with the chain to the wheel of pain with the horse, that would be one of the main function of the horse and you can take everything on him, weapons, torches … but you cannot take a chain in his hand, does not make any sense.

I did something very improvised with the game’s own official image, fixing these 3 “key points” movement, the horse being a locomotion and not a war partner, and being able to use the “chain to pull unconscious slaves” the horse would really be vital and enjoyable to use in the game, as it is today it is much more “punitive” than beneficial, it is difficult to guide, it prevents you from taking a warrior and still dies easy, because I would find it interesting to use something that will hurt me so much in the game?

If anyone wants to walk “alone” on the horse without a warrior behind him, it is very simple to climb on the horse without any warrior is following him, whether the horse is his follower, it is very simple as well, just as with a warrior open the menu follow him, and not let him become her follower automatically as he climbs into him.

I hope funcom is really absolving every return from the community, we all have a great “affection / expectation” for the arrival of the horses so it is very important for us to make this “human / horse” experience the most affective, Pleasurable and beneficial "possible is crucial for it to be consolidated in the game and to be one of the main mechanics, as it is that of human slaves today, adjusting everything has solution!

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I am very surprised and glad to see this post is still active, I may have forgotten a bit about it :sweat_smile:

@CodeMage I am very glad that you are starting to see my point of view :rofl: . And after giving it some thought and reading the interesting comments here I do realize that “parking” our horse wherever would be a problem. Hence the change of heart that @jot29 reminded me of in that the horse could after say 3 min start grazing and disappear until we whistle to it and it trots towards us effectively summoning it.

The combat with a horse as a follower is also very annoying, they get in the way and block your attacks or push you out of melee reach.
Mounted combat is something I do enjoy allot and find myself getting excuses to take my horse and ride and slay! But that is just the point, I make excuses to do so because as you mentioned Codemage, a Thrall or even a Pet outranks a horse as a follower by far.

So I think my solution of making the horse a placid traveling “tool” comes from my appreciation and love of what Funcom did and wanting to use this as much as possible. I absolutely love getting on my horse and heading off to do stuff, but hate the limitation of most of the stuff I want to do, this not being a smart decision. I wanna RIDE! :cold_sweat:

As for your wonderful contribution @tjhoban I do agree with most of it. The horses need to have the ability to drag a knocked out thrall! It is just annoying to not be able to do this. I would even go so far as to say for balance we can be limited to chain bindings or dead bindings? Or have the ability to tie the KO thrall up and put him over the back of our horse.

The movement of the horse is not really an issue to me, I kinda like that I had to get used to it and practice to be efficient. It is not flawless but I do like the movement while riding a horse.



I’m agree with you all, horse should be a transport not a follower (a very bad one it is…worse than archers) and letting you to bring a follower with you on horse would be awesome…an archer to cover your back while ridding :grin:

Plus torches and shields for extra quality of life improvement

And what you said, transport a KO thrall with your horse would be great if you can’t use bindings or, instead, let us use bindings to “attach” the KO thrall over horse’s back/saddles (with the same binding use limit).

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I don’t see any interest at the horse being a follower. I think it should be just considered as a vehicle. Even more I think it should’nt follow us, nor fighting. Just stay where I leave it and wait for my return.

I would want to mount it with a thrall behind me, or allow a thrall to mount one of my horses. But I think that their system can’t handle this evolution since horses are treated as followers. They should have made two different systems.


Of course I was “thorough” by suggesting that the “follower” slave be behind you on the horse, BUT the slave could simply “disappear” when you get on the horse and “appear” on the ground next to you as soon as no one is concerned AS THE SLAVE GOES, everyone is concerned when getting off the horse is with his slave in place, and that the horse doesn’t get in the middle of his fights, as others have said the horse makes fighting almost impossible, they don’t. fight and still hinder you VERY, in fact they make it almost impossible for you to fight by throwing him back and getting in the middle of his blows between enemies, and WORST PART the horse DIES all the time because the enemies hit him and he stands there receiving swimming waiting for death.

I do not see serious problems in doing this “simply” as I mentioned, nor do you need to have any visual animation just disappear on the horse and appear on the horse beside you, as your slave does at all times in the game when you walks the map, it wouldn’t be bizarre because we see it happening all the time.

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After playing more with horse I’ve come to a solid conclusion.

They are maniacs and forever getting in your way, more than useless when not being ridden.

Horses or any future saddled mounts should be passive and never engage in combat without a rider.

Not classified as a follower and the ability to have a follower while mounted to prevent needing to place fighters at far away locations you visit frequently im almost on my 5th thrall hut for bosses/dungeons just to maintain immersion with the horses.

Horses should just stay wherever you leave it after
dismounting, possibly with a local vicinity recall whistle.

As for having the thrall following while mounted of course it wouldnt be able to engage in combat if you’re riding, follower would could be passive while mounted. That being said it would be alot of code to work into the game so we cant expect anything to change anytime soon.
Conan has so much potential its just a case of them being able to keep everyone happy and make it all work, perfection takes time.


Thank you guys for posting your agreement and ideas. I think all of them are a valid avenue or at least a good starting point for Funcom to find a solution to the problem.

The problem of not being able to use mounts as often and as effective as we would like. It’s a shame that something that took so much hard work and dedication to implement is not used as much only because when it boils down to being effective in battle (which is most of the time the objective either for PvE or PvP content) our dear mount just does not weigh up and become more of a hindrance than a boon.

I use my black steed Noctis saddled in Silent Legion mainly for a quick gathering run and when I want to go for a ride. Other than that sadly, I have to run to dungeons, run to purges of allies run to PvP events, run to thrall camps…when all I want is to look badass on my black war horse arriving in fear inspiring style!!! :rofl:

:metal: :smiling_imp:

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