Mouse won't stay in game window

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Bug Description:

My mouse will not stay locked to the game window. This has always happened to me when playing since 2017.

I am using 3 monitors, Windows 10 64 bit, GTX 1080. This is the only game it happens on.

I have swapped from fullscreen to windowed and back
Restarted the game
Unplugged my xbox controller and restarted the game (While this issue has been affecting me since day one, the controller is a new addition, so I do not believe it is related to that, just a test step)
Changed servers, issue persists

Steps to Reproduce:

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  1. Log in the game
  2. Join a server
  3. Look around, the mouse leaves the window

I dunno, just an idea. And/or:

There is also:

I just installed and configured dual monitor tools, I will give this a try tonight. Thank you.

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NP. If that doesn’t work don’t forget to try the LMM one too. I play in a window too. 1440p on a 65 inch 120Hz monitor/TV gives me a virtual 32" 1440p/120 “monitor” wherever I choose to place it. I have to admit my work area (desk) looks pretty weird with a 65" TV/Monitor sitting on it but the results have been pretty awesome.

Although I only lose the mouse pointer outside the game window when a text cursor is present or on the occasion another window is overlapping atop the game one, I can still sympathize just from them.

DMT has saved the day!!! Set some hot keys to lock and unlock to the current monitor, bam, can play the game as intended.

Thank you so much.

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