Movable placables

I know this has been brought up in the past, and with the problem of items placed on T1 ceilings being deleted on server restart, this could be a solution.

Problem: Players picking up their crafting stations when they get raided.

Solution: Make them like thralls; once they have been placed, they can be moved one at a time by not going back into the player inventory.

This will allow players to move placables that are on ceilings being upgraded and to rearrange things when expanding their base without unbalancing the mechanics.


I like this idea. Make it so you get the ability to move your stuff around. We’ve all been in that position where something doesn’t get places just right or you want to expand and move around your items.

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I never could pick up those crafting stations, only dissolve them…
Are you sure that is about the game instead of some mod?

if you read where this is posted, it’s a suggestion…not something that’s already in game

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Ah so you thought ahead… Ok. My bad.