Penalty for picking up workstations

There should be a penalty for picking up workstations and other placeable, like 25% or 50% decreased hitpoints on it, which you could repair to full after placing it again. Personally I’m abit torn on wether one should be able to pick something up in the first place, but i do think it should be a negative action.

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I would not like the stations hit points be impacted and very much like being able to pick them after months of playing on officials where this was not an option …
Considering that most of the time I’ve wanted to pick up a workstation is because it’s not been placed exactly where I wanted it to be… ie I wanted it to parallel to the wall at a particular distance away … but when I finally place it after several minutes of fine movements and rechecks that it will be where I want it … to find that it’s still on an angle as I couldn’t see through it or not close enough to the wall or clipping the wall …or addition of the thrall means they will clip into other items having to repair after putting it down and picking it up several times to get the way I want seems unnecessarily punitive.
I destroyed three derkato alters before I got it where I wanted it to be … one was the t2 version as I hadn’t realised how the alignment would change upon upgrade.
I’ve lost count of the number of things I’ve had to demolish and make again because I couldn’t pick them up … furnaces, tanner that clipped through the wall, carpenters bench as I could not get past it, misaligned chests,
Firebowl cauldrons because thrall clipped into wall…


Sorry but I strongly disagree. If you place a bed or a dresser or bench in your house you would be able to move it as you please without damaging it. Totally made sense what they did. Would not make sense for penalizing something that you would not be penalized for doing in your own place. I appreciate Funcom adding at least some reality to the game. Well as much as you can in a game that is.


This suggestion is as bad as the choice of which sub-forum to post it in. Seriously dislike the idea of placeables taking damage for no good reason when I just want to arrange my base to my OCD heart’s content.

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While I see where you’re coming from, I strongly disagree. Sure, some will use it to move from one base to another, but I (and I dare say, most other people) will use it to get the positioning just right, which can be… difficult. I had to make something like 6-7 Improved Blacksmith’s stations when building my last base. I use four of them together, so 2-3 extras were needed before they would line up with the design I had in mind.


I’ve repeatedly blown up furnaces that I’ve placed before adding a ceiling, because you can place a furnace under a ceiling but not a ceiling over the furnace. I’ve repeatedly blown up stoves because I’ve placed them the wrong way and the cook ended up standing in a wall. The ability to pick them up isn’t about competitiveness, it’s about quality of life.

(Still can’t pick up a Wheel of pain. Had to tear up a whole T3 roof and blow up the Wheel of pain yesterday so I could place it 1/3 foundation’s width away from where I had originally placed it so as to add a support pillar next to it. Took a couple of hours to get materials to replace the roof. It’s a big house.)


Taking away a bit of the grind so we can explore I’m down with that.

Place your wheel outside the camp or city your farming thralls once broken take them home pets are also great back packs along with bearers. I ain’t running across the map with a dude on a rope.

The base I’m talking about is within sight of the Mounds of the Dead. Can’t get much closer than that. I have other bases set up at strategic locations near the Den, Black Galleon, Pagoda of Boundless Lusts, Summoning Place, Flotsam and Exile Camp 24, as well as a whole walled town next door to Sepermeru.

Sure, I could set up my merry-go-rounds outdoors - but I don’t want to. I like building big houses. I also have a map room in the same building. Once completed, Castle Grimdark is going to be awesome.

But this is derailing the thread. Sorry.

What I really wanted to say was that I’d rather see more freedom in picking up and placing stuff, not less.

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