Disappearing stations in base

Lost 1/2 of my crafting stations last night, 5 of them, including advanced ones with lvl 3 crafters in all. I am not sure if this had anything to do with it, but I had just upgraded the ceiling tiles they were all on, and within hours of doing that, everything touching the new ceiling tiles was gone. Just randomly disappeared. Of course they had all my hardedned steel and steel bars and 100’s of black ice, all the important stuff I had saved up the past few weeks! lol

Same thing happened to me. I’m not too worried about it because we are in the preview stage, and I came in with the understanding that there might be technical issues. However, I’m with the above poster and will just wait until release. Just waaaay too many things going wrong with the game right now.

I had a carpenter bench on foundation on a ground floor and it disupheared after update 33! And an armourer bench and a furnace at another base! So it is not just the ceilings fault!

only got this when working with t3.

Same happened to me bu i lost 3 stations(with level 3 thralls in each)…3 drying racks…and the worst of it all…5 chests…i quit conan until release right after…pointless to play a game that requires loads of farming when everything you farm can just go poof. What’s worse is i haven’t heard them mention one thing about this bug or address it in a hotfix…even though there are posts daily about it here on the forums the last few weeks.

I think because it only happened one time to everyone after Update 33. I played every day since then but didn’t happened to me since. So it is just mostly a one time thing. For me only trebuches do disappear from my towers and from castle roof after every reload!

Posted in patch notes 19.04.2018 when a producer/dev said they couldnt reproduce it.
But after a few screenshots Scooper even went and explained why this was happening, as you could read above. :astonished:

Well, good thing is that a fix is going to come.
Hopefully all the other buildingparts will be reviewed just in case as well… That is what I think when reading the other answers here.

Though I had something similar to happen in another place:
I had two planters directly beneath each other, one containing a few fiber plants inside and lost the other planter on server restart. Must have something to do with collision I guess. Though I have been wrong with my guess at this ceiling-stations-go-poof-bug as well. :joy:

So It sounds like they’re fixing the issue, but is there any possibility of them restoring the items that were affected? I lost a lot due to this and wondering if I should hold out any hope for getting any of it back.

I’m afraid not. The bug has been fixed, and will be going out as soon as possible. But anything that has been affected by it is lost.

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I put a Trebuchet on my roof, I’ve built it 3 times now good to know I’m not alone on this stuff. Funny things is I had a chest beside it with the counter weight and ammo and it’s still there.

Trebuchet, or more specifically a siege foundation, has a separate issue. It will always disappear on a server restart unless it has contact with ground. This has also been fixed internally.

This is still an issue on the live version on xbox one.

this bug is still happening on PC when we upgrade to T3