Stages losing stability after recent update

Game mode: [Online official ]
Type of issue: [Bug | Performance]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict 6156]
Region: [ North America ]
Mods?: [ No ]
Edition: [ Steam]

Bug Description:

numerous objects lost stability over night and nearly wiped out my workshop; they were on stages I used for flooring. I just walked in to find bags everywhere and half my stations and chests missing

Expected Behavior:

I expected everything to be there with perfect stability like it has been for months.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. build/place stuff on top of stages
  2. walk into base after update.
  3. panic at the sight of bags littered about



Thank you for your report. Can you share the server number with us?

Please let us know if you encounter any other issue with the recent update.

Official PVE-C 6156

Thank you for the additional information. We will forward it to our team right away.

We also had random stability issues today after restart in a build we were in yesterday.

I ran near some bigger builds on the server (not ours) and saw some builds partially explode.

Server 6445

Thank you for letting us know. Our team is already investigating what might be causing the issue.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


but it was fixed - it’s no longer on random restarts…it happens on every restart now!


we have a server with only the two of us playing and the same thing, all of my stages, except one stair have dissappeared. all curved stairs, and square pieces however, gone. Thralls were dancing on the floor, but items like carpets or incense placeables were just hanging in the air.

We also had a placeable vault on a stage platform and while the stage is gone, the vault is just hanging there in the air.

All stages were placed on Foundation pieces, on a ground floor. (except the ones under the vault, that was a third floor, using cieling tiles and support pillars underneath, the stability was sketchy in the center but not near the supports which run all the way down to the ground floor foundation.
It is a medium to large build, 3 floors, 22 x 12, 8 tiles high. we did not lose any placeables however, only the stage pieces so I believe its a stability issue rather than a problem loading the assets.

after completely deleting the last save due to thralls repeatedly dissapearing in our old build ( we only had maybe 10 total? but certain ones would continually fall through the floor and the map) this is frustrating. We were considering buying Siptah and starting a new map but I don’t think I will. The log files are so littered with “Unable to find” errors and and everything else it is a surprise any CPU is able to process the errors and keep the game running.

I’ve never had that problem or any other weirdness with buildings until now too.

My stage platforms lost stability as well as stormglass inverted wedge roof pieces, but not on every building oddly.

I lost 23 fridges loaded with thousands of just about every perishable as well as many baby animals plus two T4 Cooks, 2 improved stoves and tens of thousands of salt, flowers, plant fibre etc that were in 2 eldarium chests upon the stoves.

When I arrived there was only one bag on the floor with feral flesh to be salvaged.

The only ones that didn’t disappear were in the corners that had 2X2 T4 Cooks, a fighter and a large brazier.

Stage steps outside and in another location remained unaffected. It seems the Stage steps only lost stability when they were connected to stage platforms.

Stormglass inverted sloped wedge roof pieces gone, but not all of them lost stability as is evident on this wheelhouse here.

Another building not far away that had a few of them didn’t lose anything.

We are losing stability on a few building pieces and stages too since the update, it repeats every restart for us as well.

Hopefully you find the cause of it soon.

FYI, my private server is experiencing certain building pieces self-destructing upon restart. I have a Stormglass base hanging from pillars beneath the Northern Aqueduct. I had certain wall pieces self-destructing upon restarts, so I moved the pillars around. Support wasn’t an issue as these were wall sections very close to pillars and had 60 support, but would self-destruct anyway. Moving a few pillars got me around the issue. But today I saw that many more wall and window and doorframe sections have self-destructed. Again, support isn’t an issue, those pieces have plenty of support. Some bug is telling the server upon restart that there isn’t support (or some other issue). Once I’m in the game, I can place the pieces and they stay there fine and show plenty of support.

Can confirm that all Stage pieces and Stage Stair pieces are gone as well on our (dedicated / no mods) server, and with it everything which was built on it. Built on regular foundations and ceilings with full stability.

Just for reference, here’s the server log:
[2021.06.24-19.46.56:403][271]building:Warning: Code: ABuildingBase::Validate - Removed 1 unstable building modules of type: /Game/DLC/DLC_RPPack/Blueprints/BP_BuildStage_Stairs.BP_BuildStage_Stairs_C owner: 3651
[2021.06.24-19.46.56:403][271]building:Warning: Code: ABuildingBase::Validate - Removed 2 unstable building modules of type: /Game/DLC/DLC_RPPack/Blueprints/BP_BuildStage_Middle.BP_BuildStage_Middle_C owner: 3651

This bug is happening on Official Server PVE #6111, stages are missing and anything placed on them. Triangle roof pieces also vanish, despite no stability issues. Lost chests and stations due to this bug. Event Log will not move past today, even though setting the slider to include more days. I hope this gets fixed and my things restored.

My friends over on Official PVE server #6110 are reporting the same issues users here have mentioned, that server needs to be added to this list.

Private PVE server also has poofing stages …replaced them and after mid day restart they poofed again … not a one time poof!

Yeah same thing happend to me :S all servers i had build them… Sadly in one of those servers almost every thing i had where on the stages :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: need to start from almost scratch now

Also had our stages go boom. NEVER had this issue before until now.

Not only our stages, by some of the roofing on buildings are gone as well. First time we’ve had this issue.

Heavy stability loss! Ruining my base! The only thing that not fall are griefers sandstone trails around the base :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:( Should i rebuild it! or wait for a fix?

The same thing is happening in single play.