Moving Map-Room - makes it stop working

Playing PVE on rented Testlive G-Portal server - PC - made a map room, placed it, working fine, moved it - now still lights up when near an attuned post but cannot activate it to teleport. Picked it up, remade it, placed it, working fine. So it appears that moving a map room breaks it (as in, can’t use it after moving it).

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Can confirm.

Moved mine, Map Room stopped working.

I think it doesn’t happen always, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

A little test if you would. Carefully mark where you would active the bracelet to transport (such as with a torch or other placeable). Move the map room so that it breaks, as you have observed. Then see if you can still Transport by going over to the place you marked with a placeable (spam interact in the immediate area of the placeable).

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Same here. After moving the map room it stopped working.
After I restarted the server the map room worked again.

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