Moving "nightmare" mechanics to E11->. Why?

The nightmare changes are already tank stuff though… the most it does to dps is someone ends up having to slot tank abilities (group barrier in hr4 for example, handful of impair/purges in polaris) cause 6 abilities isn’t enough for just the tank to do that role. so now e11 tanks have twice as many new things and dps are gonna be going “why are there no tank/healers” as usual. It doesn’t matter if there’s nothing new for dps if the tanks are the ones not queuing.

I know on the e4-5 step there were a lot of people sticking to E4 cause you get near-identical loot and can actually finish the dungeons with an e4 geared tank

This is the only new thing, and as AWOL said, completely ignorable if glyphed as intended. At worst you notice the non interruptible cast bar of Overreaching Strike… and ignore it. The only purpose of both mechanics, is for you to use defensive glyphs. They in No way complicate the fight as it is happening.

I haven’t seen any description of Overreaching Strike… if you can just ignore it, what does it do that involves glyphs? (and presumably E11 is tuned for 5 yellow 20 glyphs… just like E10 only needs a red 20 hit glyph)

It just hurts you really bad if you don’t have enough tank stats. It oneshots the tank if the tank has 0 tank stats from glyphs.

Gonna be interesting to find out how little tank stats makes it workable then, since I’m pretty sure I’m not the only tank who’s gonna be using dps gear, but 1 tali switched because that’s how many tank glyphs I have. If I can’t even run E11 until I have 4-5 tank glyphs then effectively I’m just… not tanking swl anymore. Right when they made the role something I would have been more willing to do.

The minimum threshold is five defensive glyphs. Any fewer than that and Overreaching Strike begins to deal more damage to you for every defensive glyph that is missing.