Old TSW player confused by missing content

Hello fellow bees!

I adored TSW and wanted to give SWL a try since classic TSW servers are a ghost town.

I have progressed to doing Elite Dungeons and I am missing some. Hell Fallen, Facility, and Slaughterhouse elites,and I am guessing nightmare, are no more. Did SWL ever have them?

I am super bummed to see them no longer an option. I doubt anyone could answer this, but are there intentions to bring them back in the Elite rotation?

I also miss group scenarios. I like the Occult Defense waves aand all but I also really liked doing the hotel and mansion as a group.

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The official nightmare tag is gone, but the way that elite dungeons have different tiers that you can run kind of compensates. More mechanics are introduced at different tiers, until you’re basically running the old nightmare dungeon, it’s just that they’re still labelled elite. If you make it up to elite 17 tier, then you even get new mechanics added to the bosses which weren’t in nightmare modes.

Hell Fallen, Facility and Slaughterhouse have never had elite modes. :slightly_frowning_face: We’ve never had a iron-clad, “never going to happen” statement, but the 3 would need considerable reworking to either get the old TSW mechanics to work with the SWL toolset, or create alternative boss mechanics. Things like the last fight in HF, with having to interrupt Phase on Ascendant, Gog and Magog in order is massively more complicated with the inability to tab target. Getting the balance right would involve a lot of work, and sadly, the low population of the game makes that unlikely.

It’s a real shame, as those 3 were always great fun.

At least those dungeons are there. Manufactories are not in the game at all


For those who may have forgotten the interview . . .