Petition to get Facility, Slaughterhouse & Hell Fallen elite

SWL has been released 4 years ago, and classic dungeons Facility Slaughterhouse & Hell Fallen are still not available in elite difficulty.
I don’t really know why (and don’t care about excuses), but this is unacceptable.
So this thread is a desperate attempt to get those dungeons working before the end of 2021.
I know there are not many players active on the forums, but if you’re feeling “funcomed” and agree the elite version of those dungeons should be released (actually should have been released ages ago), please leave a message (a̶n̶d̶ ̶r̶e̶f̶r̶a̶i̶n̶ ̶f̶r̶o̶m̶ ̶t̶r̶o̶l̶l̶i̶n̶g̶)(ok i failed on that one).


not only do I [bump] this, but as a member of the community I would be happy to volunteer some of my time to help funcom get it done (and maybe learn something about game programming intern-style).

i think everyone will want an extra dungeon.
i will not ask for 2 extra dungeons in Elite difficulty … that is too much for funcom to handle
i am not trolling, it is the truth, no one is working on this game at this time, so if we get one extra Elite dungeon that would be more than amazing.
thx for the petition


Great idea. I tried something similar a couple years ago:


I would Really want to play them in elite levels!!!


There’s a saying about blood and a stone (or a turnip, if you’d prefer) that fits here.

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Something I love about the internet, is you can find archives.
Like the pdfs Funcom made for the press for SWL “(re)launch”, dated from 29/03/2017.

English is not my native language, so I’m not sure I can perfectly understand what’s written.
But when I read “Raids” (plural), I got to ask myself, does that mean there are other raids than NY that were available in TSW and that are not in SWL ?
Or “the rest of the content that is currently live in The Secret World.”. Is there any TSW player who could tell me if all “the rest of the content that is currently live in The Secret World” is actually implemented in SWL ?

4… years…

Not yet; most of it is, but there are gaps.

Dungeons " The Manufactory" and “The Manufactory: Breached”, and some seasonal missions and content like “The Seven Silences”, " Spooky Stories of Solomon Island" and " The Christmas Conspiracy". To be fair, the seasonal stuff is also no longer available in The Secret World…

For the dungeons there is some hope that they will add them now they have rebalanced and established scaling tech, so they have some hope of unpicking Aegis while maintaining challenge levels.

In terms of additions, in the old game the story updates ceased at the end of Tokyo, and the Tokyo Lair and things like Dark Agartha, Agents and Occult Defence are new to SWL. I suspect it’s a real balancing act to consider whether to add back in “old” content that is a lot of effort or to continue adding new things.


MFA/B mecanisms rely on Aegis. Since Aegis is no more, implementing both would require to fully overhaul them.
But classic dungeons are here, they’re available in story mode. They don’t need that much changes to be playable in elite. Thus, I got real doubts about HF, I’m really unsure about HF3 & HF6 fights, since impairing some boss skills is crucial there, and I’m not sure it can be done with reticle targeting. (Tab targeting akbar)

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I agree, it seems some promises are not being kept. I mean I understand the issues with MFA/MFB, but Fac+SH+HF should have been included by now. Maybe even the Flappy raid.


Those AND the two missing raids should’ve have been released by now.
But maintenance mode is maintenance mode; if not de jure, then de facto.

No, it’s not. Eidolon and Flappy raids are missing, as well as the dungeons you mentioned AND the two Manufactories.

And, of course, all the content that was supposed to come after SA, but I guess that would be asking for too much, actually.

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That’s a good point, and the backwards, lawyer-like thinking might fit to Funcom’s MO… :slight_smile:

“… and the rest of the content that is currently live in The Secret World.”
Silences, Danny’s stories, Conspiracy are not currently live (since Funcom don’t switch them on in TSW), hence they don’t need to implement those in SWL either.
Already closer to their original goal, without lifting a finger.

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I’m returning to SWL after being gone for a LOONG time and this thread is how I realized we were missing elite dungeons. Facility, Slaughterhouse and Hell Fallen had Elite and Nightmare version in TSW, right? They should at least be able to give us some elite version of them now.

Hear, hear!!! Let’s go those dungeons to Elite level!

I’d take any ‘new’ content at this point.

signing for what its worth

So many views, so few replies…
Either players are happy with the current state of the game, or they’ve all turned apathetic due to extreme despair to get anything from Funcom.

We’ve seen it all. It’s all been said before. What else is there for us to say here?