The goold old dungeons

Hi, returning player from TSW here.
I’ve discussed a bit with people on SLW, and I’ve learned with great regrets some dungeons were actually not available, aka MFA & MFB, as well as HF Fac HE & SH at higher difficulties.
SWL has been launched in 2017 - 3 years ago - and I find it quite weird these dungeons are not implemented
I can understand why MFA & B are not, their mechanism is all about the aegis shields, which has been removed. But when it comes to the classic dungeons, this is quite a mystery…
I know funcom is (as always) working on too many projects with a limited team, but it’s amazing they couldn’t add the elite/NM versions of HF & Transylvanian dungeons in 3 years.
Is this going to happen anytime ? I can hear the GD telling “soon” (but people used to FC communication know what that means :sweat_smile: )
Isn’t it time for “SWL only” players to learn to fear Halina in NM ? To dread HF6 ? To feel the true power of the Slaughterhouse ?
I still got my nifty Warchitect outfit, I’d love to boast wearing it, but it’d lose its charm if people don’t know the pain to get it :smiley:

The recent balance update brought back the penthouse for higher elites. That gives the devs a path for bringing MFA/B back as well, but yes, Soon TM.

It’s the ones deemed unplayable with reticle targeting / new abilities, so they couldn’t just bring across mechanics untouched. I don’t know the exact nature of the issue in SH but HF’s problems are pretty obvious (bosses with 3-4 mandatory impairs across 3-4 targets)

For once, let us tanks trust the dps to impair Phase
Nah, I’m kidding, tanks should never trust the derps with a simple task :smiley:

And indeed, the reticle targeting makes it hard in some fights (ah, I remember when Joel sold that to the players, telling it was asked by many folks in the community :upside_down_face:)

What about Fac ? That’s barely a month I came back to the game, so not up to date with current mechanisms… Is good old healtanking impossible now ? So fun to kite the deathball through the filth poodles (actually, it’s not, but it was a nice challenge)

No such thing as healtanking, mechanics wise… if you’re under 51% hp AA you’re not a tank, under 51% heal AA you’re not a healer. Can’t mix heal gear with tank passives like in tsw. Closest it gets is it’s hard to kill a shotgun tank who has an available target to attack.

Probably a plain healer could kite the ball in Fac if they wanted, fac has never really been for the 3 dps 1 healer 1 tank role anyway (several bosses don’t deal damage)

The thing with dungeons was they implemented the ones that were easiest to adapt as time permited.
Fac, SH, HF, MFA/B were just dropped as they either would need a complete redesign taking up way to much time (MFA/B) or that implementing them would need both some elbow grease to make work in the new system with reticle, GCD and buffs/debuffs/cleanses and what not and would eat up a lot of time fixing the baggage of dodgy code. DW is dodgy as heck, those dungeons are even dodgier.

Will we ever see them? Maybe, I mean it is a longshot but not an impossibility especially since now the rebalance adressed high Elite tanking. It still isn’t just flipping a switch.

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