mRbL's Drawing Competition - win over 2,7 million MoFs

I don’t play SWL since last 3 weeks (ok, I log in once a week to clear NYR E10 with my Cabal) and I decided to get rid of my Marks of Favour. I have 2 773 457 + few items like KSR of Havoc Mk II, Pneumatic Maul of Havoc Mk II and Radiant Egon Pendant. Too bad I already gaveaway DA fragments and Intricate Fierce glyphs…


I saw Nytha’s Music Recommendation Contest with very nice rewards and looks like people really enjoy it. So here I am wtih my Drawing Competition. If you want to participate:

Rules are simple:

  1. Draw something related to SWL on piece of paper, using Corel/PS or even MS Paint
  2. Upload here so everyone can see (no PMs !!!)
  3. Deadline to submit drawings is next Sunday, May 5th, 2000 GMT+1 and then I will announce a competition winner.

Since game is dead and current community is very small I don’t expect many entrants.

Good luck!


Q. I won competition - how can I get my MoFs?
A. I will ask you to put randon item into AH with price 2 773 457 and I will buy it.


You stealing my thunder? Just kidding; I like the idea of an art contest. Sorry to see you leave the game after clearly putting in a lot of time and effort, but I don’t blame you in the slightest. I’ll be honest, part of the reason I did the music contest was to give away the stuff in my bank in case I decided I didn’t want to play anymore, and I’m close to that point.

While I don’t personally have any artistic ability, I could contribute to the contest in a different way. If you want, I can make a script similar to the one I’ve been using to promote my music contest and use it in game to bring more people here.

The game is dying, but it’s not quite dead yet. I hope you get some good drawings here.

To draw literally anything? :open_mouth: How will it be judged? And how many drawings from one person?
(also can it be prolonged a bit? week more maybe?)

P. S. It’s sad for me to hear someone believe game’s dead to the point to get rid of what you gained. But it’s your decision…

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Reworking of some of my drawings from tsw, including The Crusades toilet… which was nice if for only nostalgias sake.


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@Nytha I don’t have any artistic talents as well and that’s why I love drawings \o/ My friend spoiled me with these things:


me and cabal


and mRbL portable doll on Valentine’s Day haha

So I am really sorry, but if you want to participate, only drawings :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jess yes literally everything related to SWL. One drawing will be enough :slight_smile: And nope, in my opinion one week is more than enough to draw something cool.

P.S It’s sad for me that someone believes game is not dead at all. Look at SWL Steam Chars - even if there is twice more players using standalone TSW launcher it means curret population is around 700 players. Not dead at all :wink: I don’t want to start any convo here. I am happy Betsheda customer and brand new ESO subscriber since couple of weeks. Let’s not talk about how dead SWL is. Let’s talk about drawings and 2,7 million MoFs to win :slight_smile:

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I’ll tell you a secret but I usually need several solid evenings of drawing with doing nothing else to finish something proper. But it’s my understanding of proper + my style which is not over-complicated but not simple too. That’s why I was as frustrated to see art contest from Funcom with similar deadline. But sure it’s your contest and I’ll see what I can manage within a week. Question about more drawings was if I’ll do sketchy but several things. :thinking:

Also either you or me completely not understand how charts work. They show players at one moment of time. Not how many people logged in within a day. A week. Only 12-month bundle makes me login daily atm, before I played 2-3 evenings per week. Quite a lot people most likely do the same yet they are returning and active players. It’s not 700 people, it’s way more.

It’s not you. :v:

Anyway, my artistic talents are meagre @mRbL, but I drew you a farewell party.

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I wasn’t looking to participate in the contest itself, I just wanted to know if you’d like a little extra publicity in-game to bring more people here. I don’t really have need for the MoF, anyway. I’d only spend it on stuff to give away.

I would have liked to participate (even if I stopped playing SWL and I have no use for mofs, glyphs or stuffs anyway), but there is one point that is not not for me :

“Upload here so everyone can see (no PMs !!!)”

You know the kind of stuff I draw. Impossible to post it on this forum.

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There goes my hope for SWL Hentai in the forum. D:

jk…but I am curious about your stuff.

Wait till Shindol gets creative with one of the custodians

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@Bozkoal you can post here blurry +18 and send me “original” via PM - no problem :smiley:

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Hi friends. Please don’t post NSFW images on this forum.

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But but but… Why you have to ruin all the fun :frowning:


So long mRbL, and thanks for all the fish \o



And here I am. o<-<